Wisconsin 6 Cheese Pizza from Domino’s

Wisconsin 6 Cheese Pizza from Domino’s, Wisconsin 6 Cheese Pizza Review

Wisconsin 6 Cheese Pizza Review from Domino’s

What they say
Feta, provolone, cheddar, Parmesan-Asiago, cheese made with 100% real mozzarella and sprinkled with oregano with 40 percent more cheese than a regular Domino’s pizza.

We’re passionate about delivering hot, great-tasting, freshly handcrafted pizzas to customers Our pizzas are made with great quality sourced ingredients, such as creamy 100% mozzarella, vine-ripened tomato sauce, and our signature fresh dough.

What we say
The lads love cheese, cheese and more cheese on a pizza ,we just can’t get enough so this SIX cheese pizza seems like it would suit us just dandy.

The pizza looked nice with an indulgence of toasty melty cheese going right to the edges over the deep pan crust we had ordered. Base was fluffy inside with a crispy crust and soft bottom (just like the lads!).

Standard vine-ripened tomato sauce was good enough and so onto the cheeses. It’s going to be hard to distinguish them all from each other but here’s our best guess.

Feta is tangy and salty, provolone has a salty flavor that is sharp, cheddar pungent, Parmesan intricate and sharp, Asiago which is similar to Parmesan but is nuttier and creamier and the usual mozzarella of course. So how do these work together?

Well more or less like a regular cheese pizza, The feta seems to get lost in the mix with only the provolone and asiago really standing out as they are the most tangy. It’s gooey and stringy to the bite and satisfies on that score at least. Don’t get us wrong it’s better than a standard cheese pizza but not to the degree we would have wanted.

A very nice pizza for cheese lovers but boring for some perhaps.

A thumbs up from The Pizza Lads

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Wisconsin 6 Cheese Pizza from Domino’s, Wisconsin 6 Cheese Pizza Review

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