Viva Italia Pizza from Boston Pizza

Viva Italia Pizza review from Boston Pizza Review, Viva Italia Pizza

Viva Italia Pizza from Boston Pizza Review

What they say

An Italian delight created with our arrabbiata pizza sauce, Genoa salami, chopped bacon, Italian sausage, roasted red peppers, banana peppers, goats cheese and pizza mozzarella and finished with Parmesan cheese and a pesto drizzle… Made out of our signature hand-pressed dough and topped with gourmet ingredients, perfect to satisfy your cravings!

What we say

While we were still in Canada we decided to sample one more Boston Pizza before our return to the US. We opted for Viva Italia, a house speciality.

The pizza when it arrived was a colorful treat with a favorable topping to base ratio. The dough base itself had a marvelous olive oil infused fresh wheat taste, not too thick but not sloppy with browned edges (unfortunately these were a little tough). Sauce was a spicy tomato thick variety with an almost bolognaise taste.

The Genoa Salami had a soft texture and tangy pork taste mixing well with the Chopped bacon which was full of flavor with a succulent texture. A light covering of Italian sausage complemented perfectly. Roasted red peppers are always welcome on the lads pizza and were juicy. The tangy flavor of the banana peppers works exceptionally well with pork toppings on offer. Goats cheese on the other hand was not welcome on the lads pizza, to us it always tastes funky with a sour twist, luckily there was not too much on our pizza.

The Mozzarella was fine, and a bit of parmesan on top was welcome. It was all finished off with a drizzle of pesto. This pizza combo was a very Italian style offering and apart from the goats cheese we appreciated the delicate blend of flavors it offered.

A small thumbs up from the lads.

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Viva Italia Pizza review from Boston Pizza Review, Viva Italia Pizza

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