VITCAS Pizza Oven

VITCAS Pizza Oven Review, VITCAS Wood Fired Pizza Oven

VITCAS Wood Fired Pizza Oven Review

VITCAS Wood Fired Pizza Oven – Perfect Heat Resistance – Highly Efficient Dome Shaped – Indoor and Outdoor Uses

The Pompeii oven series is the perfect addition to your garden and due to its size, it can also be used for commercial purposes, such as for restaurants, hotels, bars and pubs with outdoor gardens, pizzerias or open-air festivals. This is due to their larger size and higher capacity for cooking several pizzas simultaneously. There are four ovens in this series: the smallest Pompeii oven can hold up to 4 pizzas at a time, while the largest Pompeii can hold up to 7.

They are manufactured from the best quality refractories and have excellent heat accumulation when insulated properly. This makes them perfect for meals which require slow cooking. Despite their larger size, they are equally as straightforward to assemble as other Vitcas ovens. They offer flexibility as one can finish their oven in any way as to fit their desired aesthetic. The Pompeii ovens are suitable for use outdoors or indoors.

Indoor and Outdoor Uses

Pompeii ovens can be used for both the applications INDOOR and OUTDOOR. As this oven has large capacity it can be , restaurants, hotels, bars and pubs with outdoor gardens, pizzerias or open-air festivals. VITCAS range of Pompeii collection is perfect choice for commercial applications.

The Pompeii pizza ovens create a great accessory for your garden or outdoor restaurant space. The wood bread and oven pizza are constructed from high-quality refractory materials. A traditional dome shape pizza oven which can be used indoor and outdoor. Great choice for large area in garden.

The Pompeii 140 bread and pizza oven can be highly efficient if insulated properly, allowing you to use less wood for cooking.

These VITCAS Pompeii is built from finest quality high temperature resistant refractory materials.

These wood fired pizza oven are best to use indoors and outdoors and suitable to use in commercial application, e.g. festivals and restaurants etc.

The heat retention quality also makes it perfect for slow-cooking and roasting of meats, fish, casseroles and other food and makes it friendly for the environment.

These high quality oven Pompeii is well shaped in traditional dome style. This oven comes in 11 sections which are sealed together.


A great oven, but more on the commercial side of things, but also for large back gardens and big parties and regular use.

A thumb up from The Pizza Lads

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VITCAS Pizza Oven Review, VITCAS Wood Fired Pizza Oven

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