VidaSensilla Pizza Dough Roller

VidaSensilla Pizza Dough Roller, Pizza Dough Roller Sheeter Machine

VidaSensilla Automatic Pizza Dough Roller

Pizza Dough Roller Sheeter Machine, Commercial Pizza Making Machine, Pizza Dough Maker Equipment

This machine adopts fully automatic design. Just put the dough into the mouth, and the dough will automatically be pressed into a regular circle. The whole process is unified and efficient.

Powerful performance, the machine can process up to 250 pieces of dough per hour.
Equipped with powerful 370W pure copper motor, with automatic overload protection, safer operation and low noise, it provides you with great efficiency and convenience for making pizza dough.

On the back of the machine, it is equipped with a large area of ventilation holes, which can effectively dissipate heat and extend its service life.Two widely used food-grade resin rollers can quickly and easily press the pizza dough out of 10-40 (or 10-30) cm. The thickness of the dough can be adjusted between 0.5-5.5mm.
The main body of the noodle press is made of high-strength stainless steel.

The thickened stainless steel pressure plate is durable. The two transparent roller safety covers are made of PP plastic, which is durable and hygienic, which can prevent accidental injury.

Operation steps: 1. Put the dough into the entrance of the upper roller, 2. Press the dough into an oval shape by the roller, 3. Turn the oval dough into the lower roller by hand, 4. Press the lower roller to make a round pizza.

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12 inches:
Pizza size: 10-30cm (3-12 inches)
Pizza thickness: 1-5.5mm
Dough weight: 50-500g
Power: 370W
Net weight: 37kg
Machine size 480x520x620mm
Package weight: 55kg
Packing size: 580x550x760mm

15 inches:
Pizza size: 10-40cm (3-15 inches)
Pizza thickness: 1-5.5mm
Dough weight: 50-500g
Power: 370W
Net weight: 40kg
Machine size: 530x530x645mm
Package weight: 60kg
Packing size: 600x600x765mm


If you eat Pizzas as fast as The Pizza Lads, you may need one of these for your business. What a great idea this is.
A thumb up from The Pizza Lads

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