Vegi Supreme Pizza from Domino’s

Vegi Supreme Pizza from Domino's, Vegi Supreme Pizza Review

Vegi Supreme Pizza Review

What they say
Onions, green and red peppers, sweetcorn, mushrooms, tomatoes, classic crust.

What we say
The lads are looking to do their bit for Global warming (SAVING it we hasten to add), so as is the way a veggie option would be our contribution. We Are not big fans of meat free pizzas but we are nothing if not adaptable.

We made a collection on this occasion and had a bit of wait while an endless stream of delivery drivers made their collections but it was the weekend. Anyway when we got it home it was all fine and hot. It looked fairly well topped with lots of vegetables and was nice and colourful. Base was the classic, fairly sloppy but too doughy at the edge crusts.

Tomato sauce was very liberally spread (not sure if the machine was broken?, if they use a machine or we are guessing it was hand spread and the the cooks were a bit busy and careless) Any how, it was a bit too sweet, perhaps because of the amount? On the other hand the cheese machine/ person was rationing the cheese amount and it was a bit lacking in that department. Onto the veg, Onions were fine, sweet and mild, the pepper mix was a combination of sweet and mildly bitter tastes, but juicy.

Sweet Corn is pizza no no for the lads . Mushrooms were fresh tasting and plentiful. And chunky tomato pieces finished things off. On the whole we did like it in spite of the above criticisms and would recommended it to non meat lovers.

A thumbs up from The Pizza Lads

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