Veggie Hot One Pizza from Pizza Hut

Veggie Hot One Pizza from Pizza Hut, Veggie Hot One Pizza review

Veggie Hot One Pizza from Pizza Hut Review

Feel the kick with our spicy Veggie Hot One! Topped with mixed peppers, red onions, cherry tomatoes and extra hot green chillies.

Pizza Hut Veggie Hot One Pizza Review
After too much indulgence in scrummy pizzas the wives were starting to complain that we were looking a bit on the plump side. Now pot and kettle come to mind but being the bigger persons we held our tongues. From bitter experience we had learnt that honesty is not the best policy when it comes to a ladies size.

But it really hit home so we thought about knocking pizzas on the head, yeah right, as a compromise we decided to leave the meat off the next pizza! Now a veggie pizza isn’t our preferred option normally so we were apprehensive. The Pizza Hut Veggie Hot One was chosen. I’m afraid we were not converted, the chillies and tomatoes were not as soft as we would have liked. The overall taste was pretty OK, and the heat was just right, base and cheese lovely. So not for us but not bad at all

A sideways thumb from The Pizza Lads

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