Tuna Thunder Pizza from Pizza GoGo

Tuna Thunder Pizza from Pizza GoGo Review

Tuna Thunder Pizza from Pizza GoGo Review

Tuna, Fresh Tomato, Green Chillies & Fresh Garlic.

The Tune Thunder Pizza Review

The lads were on their travels again to the big smoke (London for all non UK followers), we had heard through the pizza underground grapevine (actually Ted found them on the internet, but hey it doesn’t sound as good does it!). So the underground, darkweb, word of mouth, need to know, Mums the word grapevine informed us that a chain called Pizza Go GO was the place to be.

So the lads needed no more prompting and were ready for an early start and Ted told the missus to “wake me up before you go go, cos I’m going to Pizza go go”. Wham sang something like that and wham was also the sound of Teds wife smacking him around the Mooey (face to non UKer’s) ,

Anyway we are losing the plot now, off we went and after getting lost in London eventually found this oasis of pizza dreams. We were in the mood for something different, and scanning the menu most of it seemed pretty standard till we saw the Tuna Thunder. Wow that sounded awesome and Bill wondered if the Thunder part comes later on .?

On to the pizza, we just had the Standard Pizza base which we felt could have been a bit crispier, but it was reasonable and fresh. The toppings were nicely arranged and consisted of Tuna, Fresh Tomato, Fresh Garlic & Green Chillies. The Tuna was in little chunks and was tasty but not mind blowing. The Tomato was sweet and tangy and the Green Chillies were kicking. We felt Tuna and Chilli to be an odd choice but it worked. All rounded off with fresh Garlic which the Missuses always appreciate.

So all in all, we were happy if not blown away. By the way the Thunder part does seem to happen later!

A thumbs up from The Pizza Lads

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