The Works Pizza from Papa John’s

The Works Pizza from Papa John's Pizza Review

The Papa said “Give this pizza the works!”, so we took our 100% fresh, never frozen dough and really went to town. We piled on delicious pepperoni, Italian style sausage and ham, then we added even more flavour with fresh baby portobello mushrooms, crunchy green peppers, sliced onions and black Herrera olives.

Papa John’s Works Pizza Review
The lads were a bit Mondayish so what better way to cheers us up than a nice pizza. We opted for the works from Papa John’s, and to give a true review we had it “as is”, Now black olives are not number one on our list of ingredients, but they weren’t bad, a bit more bitter than we would like, but the deluge of other toppings really made this seem less an issue.

The pepperoni was a decent spicy variety and the ham and sausage really piled on that porky pressure. The peppers were a bit too crunchy for our liking, but the base (we had a stuffed crust) was pretty good. So all in all, a lot going on, too much for the lads but some like it this way.

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