The White Cheezy Pizza Review from Marco’s Pizza

The White Cheezy Pizza Review from Marco's Pizza Review from Marco's

The White Cheezy Pizza from Marco’s Pizza Review

What they say
Bacon, onions, sliced tomatoes, garlic Parmesan sauce and our signature three cheeses, plus feta. Our dough is made in-store daily from spring wheat flour, specially filtered water and high-quality yeast. Just when you thought our dough and sauce couldn’t be topped, let us introduce you to our cheese. Actually, make that our cheeses. Because every Marco’s pizza is crafted with a combination of three cheeses.

What we say
The White Cheezy is something different and lads appreciate a novel pizza combo. The pizza looks brilliant although ours seemed a little too toasted on top ,but not to a great extent. The base was fresh tasting and the thick crust we ordered had risen to a fair degree with a crispy crust.

The Garlic Parmesan sauce was very buttery and though we liked it, it might put some people off as it seems almost too buttery, but it works for us, though the Parmesan seemed to be missing in action, probably being overwhelmed by the other cheeses. The three cheese combination is apparently a secret mix, “mysterious” they say ! We reckon it’s sharp cheddar and mozzarella / Parmesan. To be honest we don’t know for sure, but what we do know is that it is thick, gooey and stringy and tastes ace. The bacon topping was in small pieces with a deep salty, smoky taste.

We were not keen on the fact that they slice the tomatoes, looks great, but when the pizza is overcooked a bit they can develop tough skins (as ours was), chunky chopped tomatoes are sometimes best. A sprinkling of onions finished off the main toppings that contrasted well with the cheese. Then some feta cheese bits topped things off and the salty, tangy flavor goes well with the other ingredients. A nice pizza combo and one that we would order again.

A Thumbs up from The Pizza Lads.

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