The Push for Healthier Eating at Papa John’s

The Push for Healthier Eating at Papa John’s

The Push for Healthier Eating at Papa John’sPapa Johns has been hard at work pushing for healthier ingredients in its pizzas and continues to emphasise its commitment to superior food quality. It has recently, revamped its advertising campaigns, both traditional and digital to more effectively communicate with its customers.

Papa John’s is one of a number of global fast-food chains in the UK to push for healthier ingredients and, in the process, to remove artificial ingredients and additives. These actions are making it easier for consumers who are more health-conscious, particularly on their consumption of artificial ingredients, sodium, and fats including cholesterol.

The pizza chain’s push for healthier pizzas ramped up in June when it released its Greek Pizza, a pizza that is filled with more vegetables as well as a lower fat and sodium content. Customers have expressed their satisfaction which has further encouraged the chain to introduce more healthy fare.

Now, Papa John’s Lighter Choices Menu boasts a selection of choices including Chicken and veggie, Mediterranean Veggie, and Grilled Chicken & Canadian Bacon. According to the chain’s Chief Marketing Officer, Bob Kraut, these choices do not contain processed, low calorie ingredients.

The replacement of artificial ingredients with natural and organic ones is a costly endeavour. This is because the healthier ingredients cost more than their artificial counterparts, but Papa John’s commitment to superior quality has made it possible.

As a customer, you still have the responsibility to look out for your own intake, including calories, consumption of fats, sodium, and artificial ingredients. Papa John’s may have introduced healthier Lighter Choices, but you will still find more than a few indulgent ones as well. You must make deliberate choices when ordering and eating your pizza, especially when you are a regular patron.

A few tips include:

  • Order the smaller pies since they have smaller slices and, therefore, fewer calories.
  • Share your pizza with a friend to prevent overindulging
  • Select a pizza with more vegetables than meats
  • Pick a pie with red sauce as opposed to creamy or BBQ

At the end of the day, you have the final responsibility for your health; you can still enjoy a pizza, but be conscious about what you eat with each visit.

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