The New York Deli Pizza from Panago Pizza

The New York Deli Pizza Review from Panago Pizza, The New York Deli Pizza Review

The New York Deli Pizza from Panago Pizza Review

What they say

Italian tomato sauce, pepperoni, Genoa salami, bacon, Canadian ham, spicy Italian sausage, mozzarella + cheddar on whole wheat thin crust base.

We source the highest quality ingredients to create great tasting pizzas that are better for our health and our environment. People who love pizza are always happy. Great pizza starts with the best ingredients, like chicken and pork raised without the use of antibiotics, 100% organic tomato sauce and dough made fresh daily. Please the crowd when you order Panago.

What we say

The lads are still in Canada and Panago is the joint that gets the lads treatment today. We had heard mixed reviews from some of our industry insider friends but always give honest individual fair reviews based on our own experience.

We went for the New York Deli on a whole wheat thin crust base. The offering looked decent enough if a little on the smaller side than we expected but with a decent topping to base ratio and nice pan style crust. The dough itself was very good and among the best we have experienced in Canada, crispy with nice fluffy edges and not hard but we noticed a little sogginess in the center perhaps due to the abundance of sauce. The sauce itself was a simple marinara sauce, but perfectly adequate. Cheese,both the mozzarella and cheddar, was supplied in copious amounts and we really appreciated the lovely creaminess, just enough tang without being overpowering and not greasy. Pepperoni was a bit overcooked for our liking but with a good kick.The genoa salami had subtle vibrant notes, delicate yet tender. The bacon and canadian ham added a welcome saltiness but the bacon flavor got lost a bit. Lastly the spicy Italian sausage added a touch of chili heat.

To sum up a lot of the toppings in this combo were almost indistinguishable from each other, however it all worked together pretty spot on in the end and the base was excellent.

A mild thumbs up from The Pizza Lads

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The New York Deli Pizza Review from Panago Pizza, The New York Deli Pizza Review

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