Texas Meat Meltdown Pizza from Pizza Hut

Texas Meat Meltdown Pizza Review, Texas Meat Meltdown, Pizza Hut

Texas Meat Meltdown Pizza from Pizza Hut Review

Spicy pork, chicken breast, pepperoni, chorizo & BBQ sauce base.

Pizza Hut Texas Meat Meltdown Pizza Review
The Pizza Lads had been reviewing some exotic pizzas of late and as always we started to crave a more run of mill Pizza, slow cooked this, italian that, infused with etc etc. No! we want a good old fashioned Meat + Cheese type thing. Pizza Hut was our destination and looking at the menu we decided upon the Texas Meat Meltdown, Meat = check, cheese = check. were good to go then.

The pizza duly arrived in our “pan” base choice (deep pan for those not familiar) and the pizza looked good in it’s brownish coloured hues. It was reasonably hot, though we thought it might have been sitting around a bit. The base was just right and not to doughy and cooked to crispy finish on the bottom. BBQ sauce had a rich indulgent smoky taste and we were satisfied with that. Toppings were pretty much edge to edge. The cheese was a bit thinly spread but with a delicious stringy texture.

The pepperoni was a good variety and not too fatty and had a decent kick which is always pleasing. The chicken was not as brown as we would have preferred, but at least the taste was acceptable. Spicy Pork was the saving grace of this pizza combo and it was generously spread and tender with again a built in kick. Chorizo was a bit tough but with a solid taste. The top was dizzled with more BBQ sauce. So not the best pizza we have had in our life but certainty far from the worst. So our back to basics quest was a slight failure..

A thumbs up from The Pizza Lads

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