Chicago Town Takeaway Sweet Cola BBQ Pizza from Tesco

Chicago Town Takeaway Sweet Cola BBQ Pizza from tesco

Chicago Town Takeaway Sweet Cola BBQ Pizza from Tesco Review

Chicago Town’s Takeaway Stuffed Sticky Sweet Cola BBQ Pizza is made with our amazing dough that bakes fresh in your oven, and – wait for it – topped with a delicious sticky sweet cola BBQ sauce, red cheddar, ham, mushrooms, red onions and of course, mouth-watering mozzarella. Why mess around with trying to find the takeaway menu in the kitchen drawer? We’ve even stuffed the crust with our signature tomato sauce for a true flavour sensation.

Chicago Town Cola BBQ Pizza Review

The lads had had to devote some time to looking after the kiddies during the school holidays so the wives can earn the dough to keep us in pizza. After a couple of hours of them  screaming we decided to share the experience with the good folks at Tesco… So we all trooped down there and within a minute the tantrums had started and everybody was looking at us but we cared not as Bill had seen a Pizza in the freezer section which fired our imagination..The incredibly titled Chicago Town Takeaway Sweet Cola Bbq Stuffed Pizza. Wow.

So after half an hour of letting the kids run riot and screaming and generally ruining everybody else’s shopping experience we headed for home with our pizza. Oven was on in no time and in it went. They say “Unique fresh, rising dough – Watch the dough rise before your eyes” on the blurb, so we stared through the oven door for 20 minutes and we hardly noticed anything. Anyway who cares, out it came and it looked good with a decent covering of toppings and browned crust but smelled very sweet. The dough was a bit stodgy but tasted OK for a frozen pizza, it had a tomato sauce stuffed crust which the lads were not keen on and it was no better than ketchup. The sauce on the pizza was strange and you would never know this was supposed to be cola, but the flavour of the BBQ was there and it tastes caramelised. It was sweet man.

The cheese was mozzarella and red cheddar which was fairly generous in amount and gooey. The toppings were ham, mushrooms, red onions which was fairly standard fare. nothing special but all OK. So all in all our impression was this didn’t work for us as the overall result is far too sweet. Sorry Chicago Town. Kids liked it though and after eating some of this they were bouncing off the walls just as the wives were due home from work.

A thumbs down from The Pizza Lads

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Stonebaked Margherita Pizza from Tesco

Stonebaked Margherita Pizza from Tesco Review Stonebaked Margherita Pizza

Stonebaked Margherita Pizza from Tescos Review

A stonebaked Pizza base topped with sweet Tomato sauce, Mozzarella full fat soft Cheese and Regato medium fat hard Cheese and basil sauce.

The Stonebaked Margherita Pizza Review

The Pizza Lads had been spending money like it’s going out of fashion on football and Pizza. The missuses were getting a bit angry and as our marriages were on the rocks, so we agreed we had to go on an economy drive as a matter of urgency. Cut backs and belt tightening were the order of the day. So instead of the usual delights from one of our favorite Pizza restaurant’s like Pizza Hut, we had to settle for a supermarket takeaway pizza.

Now were not snobs by any means so as long it’s a pizza that’ll do for us.

Bill said “we ought to start with the most basic one we could find” A classic Stonebaked Margherita it was then. The pizza was duly cooked which is always hit and miss at home as the edges are usually burnt and the middle cold. But using the Lets Cook Pizza Tray we reviewed recently the results were pretty good.

The offering had a reasonable base, the Stonebaked base was a little dry but not to chewy and had crisped nicely underneath. The Mozzarella full fat soft Cheese and Regato were a decent mix and seemed to have been generously piled on. The sweet Tomato and Basil sauce added a nice tangy kick which lifted the whole taste. Not much more to say really but sometimes the most basic Pizza can be awesome and we felt this like lacked some herbs to give it a more indulgent combo.

Did it match the pizza chains ones?
We have to say it was close and as for the price, we were happy and so were the wives. Marriage saved for now …

A thumbs up from The Pizza Lads…

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