Chicago Town Deep Dish Four Cheese Pizza from Sainsbury’s

Chicago Town Deep Dish Four Cheese Pizza from Sainsbury’s

Chicago Town Deep Dish Four Cheese Pizza from Sainsbury's Review

Chicago Town Deep Dish Four Cheese Pizza from Sainsbury’s Review

What they say
A deep dish pizza base topped with tomato sauce, a blend of mozzarella, mature Cheddar, Monterey Jack and Emmental cheeses.

What we say
Now the lads thought we would review the infamous microwave pizzas from Chicago Town, now most people have had these at some point in their life but few would boost about it. They are cheap and quick to cook and seem a great idea! You can do these in the oven and we believe the results would be superior but in pizza lads style we used the traditional microwave method. The are small but as a quick snack fit the bill, so in the microwave they went for approx 2 mins or so. They no longer supply the special foil cooking thing you had to construct, yes a bit of origami thrown in the mix was always fun but never seemed to improve the cooking result much.

Okay they look and smell fairly acceptable and we suggest you let them cool a bit, as they will be hotter than the sun… The base as you might expect is a bit rubbery, this is the result of the cooking method mostly but the base is fairly thick anyway and quite doughy. The sauce is tomato and very rich, a goodly amount is put on which helps the base go down your neck at least. The cheeses are the usual 4 cheeses in a four cheese combo and in all fairness it’s quite tasty and fairly gooey with a reasonable depth.

They are good standby in freezer, but we being pizza connoisseurs (lol) would not recommend.. They are what they are!

Thumbs down from the pizza lads…

Prosciutto Mushroom & Mascarpone Pizza from Sainsbury’s

Prosciutto Mushroom & Mascarpone Pizza from Sainsbury’s Review

Prosciutto Mushroom & Mascarpone Pizza from Sainsbury's ReviewHand stretched wood-fired pizza base, topped with tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, chestnut mushrooms, cooked ham, mascarpone cheese, and Parmigiano Reggiano cheese with hand stretched sourdough A great pizza starts with a great base. So we make ours with slow-fermented sourdough for a distinctive savoury tang, and we hand stretch each one, so they stay light and airy. Then we flash bake them on lava stones in a wood-fired oven. We choose beechwood logs because they burn hot and evenly, giving us temperatures of up to 600˚C. It’s this combination of intense heat and porous lava stone that sets the dough in seconds, locking in all the taste. The result is the classic Neapolitan-style crust crisp, thin and full of flavour. We choose our toppings carefully too, and hand layer them, starting with a rich Italian tomato and fresh basil sauce and creamy shaved mozzarella. Then we add delicate slices of prosciutto cotto, meaty chestnut mushrooms sautéed with garlic and herbs, and spoonfuls of velvety mascarpone. Finished with a sprinkling of tangy Italian Parmigiano Reggiano for extra richness.

Prosciutto Mushroom & Mascarpone Pizza Review

The lads realised that that we had not reviewed a supermarket pizza for a while, so popping into our local Sainsbury’s we scanned the shelves and opted for one of the extra special type pizzas . Now all the big supermarkets do these big box oval pizzas these days and Ted reckons they are all from one factory.

Anyway we got it back home and cooked according to instructions. It looked fairly okay and was a good size for two people, the sourdough base was thin and crisply bubbled at the edges as it should be. It was quite tasty and not too hard, It was topped with a rich Italian tomato and basil sauce, the basil was a bit overpowering in our opinion but not nasty. The prosciutto cotto was not not very generous in helping size but was a decent texture ,sweet and full of flavour.

The mushrooms were delightfully garlicky and contrasted well with the creamy blobs of mascarpone which gave a superb texture contrast. It was finished with a sprinkling of tangy Italian Parmigiano Reggiano , but didn’t really add much to the proceedings.

So all in all for the price a reasonable offering, nothing to get  excited about but definitely not dreadful either .

A thumbs up from The Pizza Lads

Pepperoni Delight Pizza from Sainsbury’s

Pepperoni Delight Stuffed Crust Pizza from Sainsbury’s

Hand stretched garlic and herb flavoured cheese stuffed crust and base topped with tomato sauce, mozzarella, two types of pepperoni and Cheddar cheese.

Pepperoni Delight Pizza Review

Pepperoni Delight Pizza Review, Pepperoni Delight Pizza from Sainsbury'sThe lads were totally out of money as usual, Christmas was nearly upon us and what little money we had left had to be devoted to present buying for the missuses. We had of course left everything till the last moment and hit eBay and Amazon to order a variety of unlikely gifts in the hope they actually turned up before Christmas. Bill had gone for a toilet seat with a picture of The Pizza Lads on the lid. A watch from china costing one pound with free postage, a toilet roll with jokes on and a frying pan! Ted had gone for a giant wine glass, a barometer, a heated hair brush, anti ageing cream and a frying pan! (and say romance is not dead…!)

So fearing that this would be our last Christmas being married, we put our feet up and concentrated on solving our pizza craving with no funds, a quick look in the fridge revealed a Sainsbury’s Stuffed Crust Pepperoni Delight Pizza. It looked good so here we go.

We cooked it according to the instructions of course. Looking at the finished result and it appeared cosmetically very acceptable. The base was ultra thin and hadn’t crisped very well so seemed a bit soggy. To be honest we wondered if we lifted it up whether the entire middle would detach from the crust. The dough crust was just too stodgy for us and had been filled with the rubberyist cheese known to man, and what made it worse was that it tasted of nothing (Ted reckoned it wasn’t cheese and garlic at all). We thought there wasn’t enough cheese topping initially but it had a bit of depth to it.

The tomato sauce was quite sweet and not to our taste. The Pepperoni consisted of two types, big and small, which was reasonable and not too greasy and the amount was fairly generous. It came with a Garlic dip which was small.

So we were not overly impressed and don’t recommend this pizza. We realised that we were going to be in trouble for finishing this off as it was for the kids tea. Oh well, they’ll be pleased with the frying pans no doubt. Lets hope they don’t use them to clonk us over the head?

A thumbs down from The Pizza Lads

Stonebaked Pepperoni Pizza from Sainsbury’s

Stonebaked Pepperoni Pizza from Sainsbury’s Review

Stonebaked Pepperoni Pizza from Sainsbury's ReviewA 10 inch hand stretched stonebaked Pizza base made with Extra Virgin Olive oil, topped with Tomato and Basil sauce, Mozzarella and Cheddar Cheeses, sliced Pepperoni and confit Onion

The Stonebaked Pepperoni Pizza Review

The lads had been told to cut back on Pizza spending by the Missuses. We said, well how can we produce the reviews that the public demand, if we don’t try them? Seeing our distress they agreed that we could economise a bit and eat supermarket ones for a few weeks. So dodging the bullet once again we trooped off to Sainsbury’s to see the offerings. Now we are not superkeen on frozen Pizzas so we opted for a chilled one. Lots of choice was on offer but Bill felt a bit Pepperoniy so we grabbed one and set off home again.

The Pizza looks good with big slices of Pepperoni and lots of Onions. Starting with the stonebaked base we felt it was a bit soggy, the copious amount of Onions and grease seemed to have seeped into the base. The taste wasn’t horrendous but to be honest it sucked overall.

The Tomato sauce had a nice hint of Basil and was acceptable, the cheese was OK, but some more would have been nice. The pepperoni was very greasy we reckoned and not the best tasting, and it was drowned in sweet soggy Onions which left an after taste.

So not a great example of a Sainsbury’s Pizza as we had had others in the past which had rivalled restaurant offerings. Sainsbury’s we suggest dropping this one (in the bin)

A thumbs down from The Pizza Lads

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