Chicago Town Deep Dish Four Cheese Pizza from Sainsbury’s

Chicago Town Deep Dish Four Cheese Pizza from Sainsbury’s

Chicago Town Deep Dish Four Cheese Pizza from Sainsbury's Review

Chicago Town Deep Dish Four Cheese Pizza from Sainsbury’s Review

What they say
A deep dish pizza base topped with tomato sauce, a blend of mozzarella, mature Cheddar, Monterey Jack and Emmental cheeses.

What we say
Now the lads thought we would review the infamous microwave pizzas from Chicago Town, now most people have had these at some point in their life but few would boost about it. They are cheap and quick to cook and seem a great idea! You can do these in the oven and we believe the results would be superior but in pizza lads style we used the traditional microwave method. The are small but as a quick snack fit the bill, so in the microwave they went for approx 2 mins or so. They no longer supply the special foil cooking thing you had to construct, yes a bit of origami thrown in the mix was always fun but never seemed to improve the cooking result much.

Okay they look and smell fairly acceptable and we suggest you let them cool a bit, as they will be hotter than the sun… The base as you might expect is a bit rubbery, this is the result of the cooking method mostly but the base is fairly thick anyway and quite doughy. The sauce is tomato and very rich, a goodly amount is put on which helps the base go down your neck at least. The cheeses are the usual 4 cheeses in a four cheese combo and in all fairness it’s quite tasty and fairly gooey with a reasonable depth.

They are good standby in freezer, but we being pizza connoisseurs (lol) would not recommend.. They are what they are!

Thumbs down from the pizza lads…

Rustica Jackfruit Italian Hot Pizza from Zizzi

Rustica Jackfruit Italian Hot Pizza from Zizzi

Rustica Jackfruit Italian Hot Pizza from Zizzi Review

Rustica Jackfruit Italian Hot Pizza from Zizzi Review

What they say
Vegan jackfruit pepperoni, spicy harissa, roquito chillis & vegan MozzaRisella cheese.

What we say
The lads had promised the wife’s that as soon as the restaurants were open again we would take them out for a pizza treat. Bills wife is a vegan so we decided to all follow suit on this occasion and have the same. She wanted to go to zizzi as they have a pizza that had been voted best Vegan Pizza at the PETA Vegan Food Awards 2019.

So off we all went. The restaurant was still fairly quiet as it was a mid week night. The pizzas duly arrived and they did look pretty fine with the signature oval shape. Now the toppings are obviously quite different to what we would normally have (the lads that is).

The base was fairly firm and not sloppy but perhaps this is down to the shape, tasty and with a nice edge although in places was not topped near to the edges. We think it had tomato sauce on but it was overpowered a bit. Now onto the oddly named Mozzarisella cheese ,it doesn’t have the gooey, stringy texture that you would normally expect from mozzarella but it melts well and is of course dairy free and organic, it was however very much like ordinary cheese and we had no complainants apart from it being a little overdone perhaps.Read Review >

The vegan jackfruit pepperoni tastes like pepperoni with a bold, smoky flavour and was quite acceptable but ted thought it was a bit overspiced. The spicy harissa is a chilli sauce typically made of dry red chillis and it provided the hot in the title for sure .. Very satisfying. The Roquito peppers are sweet, distinctly flavoured and full of crunch, with a bit of spice and sweet warmth.

So it was different, off the wall for us lads and we thought it was just a bit too spicy which the ladies agreed with.

For a vegan pizza it’s a thumbs up

New York Giant Pizza from Frankie & Benny’s

New York Giant Pizza from Frankie & Benny’s

New York Giant Pizza from Frankie & Benny's Review

New York Giant Pizza from Frankie & Benny’s Review

What they say
Tender and juicy pork & beef meatballs, chicken, bacon, ham, pepperoni, roasted red pepper, red onion and mozzarella on a BBQ base

What we say
The lads were finally free to go out and enjoy a pizza after the latest lockdown so we decided to visit Frankie and Bennys. Obviously things were not as straightforward as they used to be but the staff made things as hassle free as possible.

We had a look at the menu and the range was not too extensive at the moment but what they offered seemed enticing. The New York Giant seemed to be made for our tastes and so that was for us!

The chain only seems to offer the one base variety which is the San Francisco style sourdough and has that characteristically tangy flavour profile. To be honest we probably wouldn’t have chosen this by choice as Ted is not a sourdough fan but it was very acceptable with a definite hand stretched look and nicely browned edges, not too doughy and not sloppy. The overall presentation was mouthwatering and the toppings were liberally applied which pleases the lads. The bbq sauce was sweet and rich with a tinge of tanginess ,also it was applied generously. Mozzerella was pretty good, tasty and luxurious. The pork & beef meatballs were juicy and tender and hit the spot. The chicken was in fairly large chunks and were excellent.

The ham on the other hand seemed to be lost on our pizza , in evidence yes but not standing out. Pepperoni was spicy and deeply satisfying. Bills a big fan of roasted peppers and the roasted red pepper on this pizza was smooth and juicy. It was all topped off with a fair amount of red onion which provided a nice contrast to the meat toppings.

So after the delay in reviews due to the lockdown this was a perfect restart to our reviewing adventures.

A recommended pizza that we suggest you seek out and try. Thumbs up…

The Cheeseburger Pizza from Domino’s

The Cheeseburger Pizza Review, The Cheeseburger Domino's

The Cheeseburger Pizza From Domino’s Review

The mind-blowing delicious mash-up comes packed with all the hallmarks of a signature cheeseburger including 100% mozzarella cheese, double ground beef, fresh tomato, onions, gherkins and Domino’s vine ripened tomato sauce.
The revolutionary hybrid is then topped off with the pizzamaker’s secret burger sauce on the inimitable taste of Domino’s freshly-handmade dough, which superfans nationwide know tastes like no other.
The new fusion ‘pizza-cheeseburger-combo’ really must be tasted to be believed and whilst it may not sound like it works on paper, it most definitely works on pizza!  Or should we say Domino’s pizza?
Let’s look at those mouth-watering ingredients one last time…
  • Domino’s vine ripened tomato sauce
  • 100% mozzarella cheese
  • A double portion of double ground beef
  • Freshly sliced tomatoes
  • Gherkins
  • A handful of chopped onions
  • A drizzling of Domino’s secret burger sauce
Domino’s Cheeseburger Pizza Review
The Lads were keen to review the cheeseburger pizza, we seemed to have overlooked this one but had previously done a review on the Papa John’s version.
The pizza was ordered on a busy day so delivery was slightly delayed but not by too much. The pizza’s appearance was 1st class, nice contrasting colours and patterns of the toppings really got our taste buds going. As we said the pizza arrived fairly quickly so it was good and hot. The standard base was just fine and tasted fresh with a hint of outer crispness. Standard tommy sauce was no disappointment.
The cheese was liberally topped and was browned nicely on top. The Toppings were just what the lads would have chosen if this was our creation. Double ground beef was succulent and tasty and we were so glad this was the double portion otherwise it would have been far too thinly spread. Lovely Tomatoes were soft and chunky, The gerkins really lifted the pizza and we felt it gave it that big “maccy d” type taste with a hint of sweet/sourness. Onions are are a must have on a burger pizza and it was all topped off with a burger sauce, criss crossed over the top, that is supposed to be a secret recipe.
Were not denying it is, but it tastes no better or worse than most others but it’s how it combines with the rest of toppings that matters and we have to say it was fantastic combo. So all in all and we were reluctant to go for this verdict but we have to say this is one of the best pizzas we have ever eaten. Changes for us – none, it could not be bettered.
4 thumbs up from the lads.

Domino’s Pizza Review, Domino’s Pizzas, Reviews of Domino’s Pizzas

The Chick Ain’t Pizza from Domino’s

The Chick Ain't Pizza Review, The Chick Ain't Pizza Domino's

The Chick Ain’t From Domino’s Review

Loads of you at home have been sending in requests for a vegan ‘chicken’ pizza… and it’s finally landed in hundreds of stores across the UK. With vegan soya strips and loads of fresh veggie toppings,

The Chick-Ain’t is well worth the wait. Our talented pizza chefs knead and hand-stretch the vegan pizza dough until it’s light and airy, before spreading with a ladle of Domino’s own vine-ripened tomato sauce. Next, this new vegan pizza is topped with vegan soya strips, onions, green & red peppers and our ultra-melty vegan cheese alternative.

The Chick Ain’t From Domino’s Review
The lads are not known for being big vegans but we have often eaten vegan alternate products and in all honesty found them to be quite acceptable. So we will leave all prejudice aside and rate this pizza on it’s own merits but not making too many allowances. The wives try to be more health conscious than us so we include their opinions, bit of a shame really as this site is the only place we get to have any opinion at all. Anyway enough waffle.

Pizza was ordered on a quiet week night so turned up promptly, hence all hot and all good. The pizza looked pretty decent, colourful and tasty looking, edges nicely browned and a decent thickness of cheese. Nicely browned on top. The vegan base was not too much different to the normal classic crust, perhaps a shade lighter and crispier. Normal vine tomato sauce all OK.

Vegan cheese was not as good as normal cheese to us but it wasn’t bad and the wives actually prefer it, because they like the nutty taste. The chicken type soya strips have a uniform texture and were a bit tasteless but tender in a way so as long as you don’t linger over them they were passable and you might think it was actually chicken. These were combined with a fair amount of peppers and a bit of onion. So they say “loads of fresh veggie toppings” but we think that’s stretching things a bit and would have liked a couple more.

So we sound a bit negative but the verdict is we were fairly impressed, it was in it’s own right a reasonable pizza, and wives thought it was good. So we wouldn’t have one out of choice but if the the lads were vegans we would find this most acceptable.

A slight thumbs up from the lads and wives.

Domino’s Pizza Review, Domino’s Pizzas, Reviews of Domino’s Pizzas

The WeirWolf Pizza from Papa John’s

The WeirWolf Pizza Review, The Weir Wolf Pizza from Papa John's

The WeirWolf Pizza from Papa John’s Review

The WeirWolf, Created by six-time Paralympic Gold medallist and Marathon champion David Weir. Our tomato sauce with mozzarella, pepperoni, green peppers, chopped tomatoes, sweetcorn, chestnut mushrooms and onion.

Papa John’s WeirWolf Pizza Review
The lads were still on the funny names theme just because it pleases us. Bill found this one on the Papa John’s menu and we have to agree that this wins the weird name gold medal which is quite apt as apparently it is created by an Paralympic athlete. Yeah, we not sure why either, but he seems a cool dude and maybe likes the occasional pizza, though i guess not too often as the lads can testify, too many is not good for sporting prowess.

So anyway onto the review.The pizza was hot when delivered which is always a good start. The pizza looked OK with a nice colourful contrast. Base was nice with the right amount of edge crunch and not too soggy in the middle, usual decent tomato sauce and standard mozzarella cheese which had nicely bubbled brown on the surface. Well now the topping mix, to be honest it’s the sort of combination that happens when a family or such are deciding on “a create your pizza”, which always ends up as a hotch potch which suits all but pleases no one.

It’s OK as far as things go but has no theme, a bit of pepperoni here, some sweetcorn there and oh well some peppers there. The individual items are OK and all tasted fine but it just seems to lack that complimentary combo, in fact it probably would have been better without the pepperoni and adding another veggie in some form perhaps jalapenos? So apart from the name, the pizza itself is a bit of a duffer, meaning no offense to Mr Weir of course who is a great guy we imagine.

The lads are awaiting for the approach from papas to get our pizza on the menu, which will be our secret combo until then!

Thumbs down a bit.

Papa John’s Pizza Review, Papa John’s Pizzas, Reviews of Papa John’s Pizzas

Filthy Steak Pizza from Pizza Hut

Filthy Steak Pizza With Jalapenos from Pizza Hut Review

Filthy Steak Pizza With Jalapenos from Pizza Hut Review

Like it Hot? Filthy Steak Fajita Pizza – topped with slices of fajita spiced beef steak with triple cheese blend, and finished off with crunchy and flavoursome mixed peppers.
Pizza Hut Filthy Steak Pizza Review
The lads were still having to do separate pizza reviews and we decided that today’s target is the Filthy Steak Pizza from Pizza Hut, a new variety that is part of the Mexican Range. We chose this one because as befits our childish ways we thought the name sounded funny, we have had our fair share of filthy pizzas before (mentioning no names) but never one that admits it is.
Take it away Bill
Right, we stayed with the classic crust offering while it looked lovely with the tempting brown hue on the edge i’m not a big fan of Pizza Hut bases and it seemed too crispy on the edge . The pizza itself looked a bit sub par because the filthy steak gives the impression it’s been slightly burnt and the peppers seemed a bit underwhelming . But hey who cares about the look, it’s the taste that counts. Base was OK apart from edge and tasted reasonable and was at least soft where it needed to be, Sauce OK, triple cheese mix is very appealing to me and was an indulgent chewy satisfying bite . The description says “like it hot” but it wasn’t mind blowing and compared to some fairly mild which suits many .The filthy steak was not too bad, nice taste but a bit chewier than i would have wanted. The mixed peppers and Jalapeños combined well with the steak .. So from me, an OK pizza but not my favourite.
Over to you Bill
I personally liked the crust and the texture was just right for me. Points of agreement with Bill are the base and triple cheese mix, but i have to disagree again ( i think i’m becoming more like the wife !) and i really liked the steak. A great taste and something different and i didn’t find it chewy and like Bill says combines well with the peppers and Jalapeños. For me a nice guest pizza though would not choose over other offerings.
 Verdict – A half hearted thumbs up from the lads.

Pizza Hut Pizza Review, Pizza Hut Pizzas, Reviews of Pizza Hut Pizzas

The Absolute Banger Pizza from Domino’s

The Absolute Banger From Domino's Review

The Absolute Banger From Domino’s Review

To make The Absolute Banger, talented pizza chefs hand-stretch Domino’s signature fresh dough, before ladling on rich, vine-ripened tomato sauce. Then comes a generous sprinkling of 100% mozzarella cheese, and of course, the bangers – and lots of them! The Absolute Banger is topped with Domino’s iconic pepperoni slices, fiery chorizo and sizzling sausage – and if that wasn’t enough for one sausage fest – there’s also super-tasty, smoky hotdog slices.

Then it goes in the oven till the mozzarella is marvellously melty and those bangers are sizzling like a barbeque in August! Honestly, it’s delicious. Smoky, spicy, AND topped with sizzling sausages – what more could you ask for, eh?

The Absolute Banger Pizza Review
The lads were, due to current COVID-19 restrictions ,not able to meet to enjoy a pizza together so we decided to each order the same pizza and do an individual review on it… So here goes… We opted for the “absolute banger” from Domino’s which we thought was definitely one of the best names we had come across and has all sorts of ohh err missus connotations! We also liked the old bee sting pizza name as well, doesn’t take much to please the lads these days.

So telling the wives they were going to be having an absolute banger tonight which bought a cheesy grin to their faces. However obviously when the actually pizzas turned up we were in the doghouse again. Anyway on the reviews. Bill reckons the following: We stuck with the classic crust and standard toppings.The pizza was a little slow in arriving probably because they are pretty busy at the moment so this is forgivable and it was still hot enough. just. It looked very sausagey indeed (if such a word exists) and that about sums things up, usual tomato topped classic crust base was good and the cheese was fairly thickly topped. The real star is the Hotdog slices and these contrast excellently with the pepperoni and Chorizo, the porky smoky taste was spot on. so a winner! Ted remarks on similar experience with reference to the slow delivery.

The pizza looked a treat and i couldn’t fault the crust which was nicely browned, Tomato and cheese were up the standard i would expect. The mix of the spicy tangy smoky meaty sausage was a lovely combination, a meat lovers treat and veggies keep away. The only thing i would have changed is to leave out the plain sausage and have onions instead but that’s a personal choice. A good eat So taken together we were well pleased and would recommend! The absolute banger is absolutely banging pizza and i think the missus’s preferred it to any other type.

A thumbs up from The Pizza Lads

Domino’s Pizza Review, Domino’s Pizzas, Reviews of Domino’s Pizzas

The Bee Sting Pizza from Papa John’s

The Bee Sting Pizza Review, The Bee Sting Pizza from Papa John's

The Bee Sting Pizza from Papa John’s Review

Hot yellow Amarillo chilli base with our signature spicy pepperoni, mozzarella, fresh green chilli, and a sweet wild flower honey drizzle. Can you handle the sting? Available for a limited time only, grab one before they buzz off.
Papa John’s Bee Sting Pizza Review
Everyone knows the Lads like a good hot and spicy pizza and when we saw that papas do a new one called the Bee Sting we both agreed that is the one for us, the hotter the better. In fact it’s a pity they don’t offer vindaloo pizzas as the lads have been known to partake in the odd curry now and again as our missuses will testify (much to their disgust, but hey an industrial plunger usually solves the problem ), Anyway nuff said about that!
So onto the pizza we piled over to the local outlet and were soon back in our gaff eager in anticipation. The pizza was nice and warm but we had legged it home pretty quickly. It looked much like a standard pepperoni but maybe the secret is in the sauce? The base was standard fare with a nice crispy edge and tasted fresh enough. The sauce was Amarillo chilli they say, we googled Amarillo and it seems it’s some sort of peruvian chilli, the colour is very yellow a bit like mustard and is full-flavored with plenty of heat but not scorchingly hot. It seemed to seep through the cheese which we liked.
The pepperoni was standard but nice quality and not too grease. it was sprinkled with fresh green chillies and while these were strong we felt a few more would have been nice. It then drizzled with a sweet wild flower honey sauce , a bit of a gimmick to tie in with the bee type theme , it was ok but added little to pizza overall. So as a combo we quite liked it, it was good and powerful stuff and it’s fair to say our mouths were on fire and tongues numb for a bit. So a thumbs up from the lads but no plungers required this time , perhaps they could offer the chilli sauce on a permanent basis for the guys fed up with the usual tomato sauce which would be a nice alternative.
A Thumbs up from The Pizza Lads

Papa John’s Pizza Review, Papa John’s Pizzas, Reviews of Papa John’s Pizzas

Buffalo Chicken Pizza from Pizza Hut

Buffalo Chicken Pizza Review, Buffalo Chicken Pizza from Pizza Hut

Buffalo Chicken Pizza from Pizza Hut Review

Mozzarella Cheese, Tomato Sauce Buffalo Chicken, Roasted Onions & Peppers, Jalapenos, finished with a Chipotle Mayo Drizzle

Pizza Hut Buffalo Chicken Pizza Review
The lads were hot (as always) and looking for a summer menu pizza to cool things down. As Ted says that people in hot countries always eat hot and spicy things, then that’s the way to go. We happened past Pizzahut and noticed that the new menu included the Buffalo Chicken Pizza + Jalapenos Pizza, That’s defo the one for the lads.

We ordered it on a classic crust base and when we got our hands on the pizza (or at least our eyes) it looked a bit lame but don’t judge a book by it’s cover we say. The base was thin and fairly crispy but hot and tasty with a hint of garlic. The Tomato sauce was fairly thinly spread and we could’ve done with a bit more but it was rich and indulgent. Mozzarella Cheese was present and correct. 

Buffalo chicken was tender but once again we felt the portion was a bit stingy, but hey we are fairly greedy guys as our wives will testify. Taste wise it was reasonably hot and powerful . Scattered around were Roasted Onions & Peppers which was a more generous helping as is always the case with the “cheaper ingredients”, having said that a pizza always benefits from peppers and to a degree onions and no exception here they really lifted the pizza combo.

Our biggest gripe was with the Jalapenos and we agreed they were shrivelled up and tough and we felt that they had either been cooked too much or were not as fresh as they could have been. It was drizzled with a Chipotle Mayo Drizzle sauce which while looking nice was not something we would have had by choice as it added little to the combo. So all in all a reasonable all around pizza let down mostly by the Jalapenos.

So the Pizza Lads decided on a reasonable thumbs up.

Pizza Hut Pizza Review, Pizza Hut Pizzas, Reviews of Pizza Hut Pizzas

Prosciutto Mushroom & Mascarpone Pizza from Sainsbury’s

Prosciutto Mushroom & Mascarpone Pizza from Sainsbury’s Review

Prosciutto Mushroom & Mascarpone Pizza from Sainsbury's ReviewHand stretched wood-fired pizza base, topped with tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, chestnut mushrooms, cooked ham, mascarpone cheese, and Parmigiano Reggiano cheese with hand stretched sourdough A great pizza starts with a great base. So we make ours with slow-fermented sourdough for a distinctive savoury tang, and we hand stretch each one, so they stay light and airy. Then we flash bake them on lava stones in a wood-fired oven. We choose beechwood logs because they burn hot and evenly, giving us temperatures of up to 600˚C. It’s this combination of intense heat and porous lava stone that sets the dough in seconds, locking in all the taste. The result is the classic Neapolitan-style crust crisp, thin and full of flavour. We choose our toppings carefully too, and hand layer them, starting with a rich Italian tomato and fresh basil sauce and creamy shaved mozzarella. Then we add delicate slices of prosciutto cotto, meaty chestnut mushrooms sautéed with garlic and herbs, and spoonfuls of velvety mascarpone. Finished with a sprinkling of tangy Italian Parmigiano Reggiano for extra richness.

Prosciutto Mushroom & Mascarpone Pizza Review

The lads realised that that we had not reviewed a supermarket pizza for a while, so popping into our local Sainsbury’s we scanned the shelves and opted for one of the extra special type pizzas . Now all the big supermarkets do these big box oval pizzas these days and Ted reckons they are all from one factory.

Anyway we got it back home and cooked according to instructions. It looked fairly okay and was a good size for two people, the sourdough base was thin and crisply bubbled at the edges as it should be. It was quite tasty and not too hard, It was topped with a rich Italian tomato and basil sauce, the basil was a bit overpowering in our opinion but not nasty. The prosciutto cotto was not not very generous in helping size but was a decent texture ,sweet and full of flavour.

The mushrooms were delightfully garlicky and contrasted well with the creamy blobs of mascarpone which gave a superb texture contrast. It was finished with a sprinkling of tangy Italian Parmigiano Reggiano , but didn’t really add much to the proceedings.

So all in all for the price a reasonable offering, nothing to get  excited about but definitely not dreadful either .

A thumbs up from The Pizza Lads

Veneziana Pizza from Pizza Express

Veneziana Pizza Review, Veneziana Pizza from Pizza Express

Veneziana Pizza from Pizza Express Review

Pine kernels, red onion, baby capers, black olives, sultanas, mozzarella and tomato

Pizza Express Veneziana Pizza Review
The lads had been dragged out again by the wives to the out of town shopping complex but the saving grace is that we know it has a pizza express, so all we need to do is slip off for an hour or so. So when they were trying on the 50th dress of the day we managed to disappear .

We wanted we try something different and the Veneziana certainly fitted the bill though we were a bit suspect of some of the ingredients being the meat and cheese freaks we are. Service was a bit slow but we have had worse and at least it was nice and hot and looked good. The classic base was the standard fair, slightly soft and sloppy, but very acceptable. Sauce was very nice with a rich deep taste . Mozzarella was reasonably thick with a good toasting on top and was delicious as always. Onto the the ingredients, gulp… The pine nuts were Crunchy yet butter textured, pleasantly sweet and were a real revelation on a pizza. The capers had a slight vinegar flavour but marginally salty with it (not our cup of tea).

The olives were salty with a bitter oily palette. The sultanas offset and contrasted the pine nuts and capers and were a welcome addition with a juicy texture. It was rounded off with red onions but we felt this was more for appearance sake than adding to the taste and we felt they were out of place on this combo. So all in all it was a very different Mediterranean inspired offering. We have to say we would not order this normally but different we wanted and that is what we got! We got back the clothes shop just as the 78th dress was being tried on… Arrghhhh!

An “okay” from The Pizza Lads

Pizza Express Pizza Review, Pizza Express Pizzas, Reviews of Pizza Express Pizzas

Tabasco Pizza from Domino’s

Tabasco Pizza Review, Tabasco Pizza from Domino's

Tabasco Pizza from Domino’s Review

Ground beef, onions, green and red peppers, jalapeño peppers with Tabasco flavoured mozzarella cheese stuffed into our fresh dough crust

Domino’s Tabasco Pizza Review
The lads were having a bad summer and the rain kept pouring down and making things pretty miserable, so Ted reckoned that to cheer us up we ought to have a hot and spicy pizza. The Hot and Spicy option from Domino’s seemed to fit the bill. To give it even more oomph we decided on the Tabasco and cheese stuffed crust which is a limited edition base. So we stocked up on Gaviscon and ordered our pizza. It arrived reasonably hot and looked nice and colourful with the array of peppers.

The Base was quite an expensive option but we liked the sound of it. The Tabasco flavoured cheese stuffing was pretty ace , not quite as plasticy as some stuffed crusts can be. The cheese inside was really pleasantly hot and we were well pleased with it, the base was itself was up to standard. Usual tomato sauce was fairly generous in covering. Standard mozzarella cheese was spot on.

The toppings were the ground beef forming the main ingredient and this was very nice and had a decent helping. Onions always go down well with any beef ingredients but we felt some more was needed.  green and red peppers add the taste that cant be topped, slighty hot and juicy.  jalapeño peppers added that usual kick. So was it hot and spicy? .. Yep especially with the Tabasco cheese crust but a portion of pepperoni might have really put it up there . I don’t think we would have this often but it really cheered us up. Now where’s that Gaviscon.

A thumbs up from The Pizza Lads

Domino’s Pizza Review, Domino’s Pizzas, Reviews of Domino’s Pizzas

The Hot Dog Pizza from Papa John’s

The Hot Dog Pizza Review, Hot Dog Pizza Papa John's

The Hot Dog Pizza from Papa John’s Review

Enjoy a taste of America with The Hot Dog pizza. A Heinz Tomato Ketchup base loaded with hot dog sausage, cheese, freshly sliced onions and topped with Heinz American style mustard.

Papa John’s Hot Dog Pizza Review
The Pizza Lads are noticing a tend for pizza outlets having pizzas named after other types of fast food, burgers, tandoori, kebabs and such like. So from our mates at Papa John’s comes the Hot Dog. Now The lads are fond of “good quality” hotdogs and not the cheap tinned ones from the local netto store. So we would be looking for high meat content hot dogs on our pizza.

We dialled the number of the local Papas with trembling hands (probably because the missuses hadn’t left for a shopping trip yet and we were afraid we might be heard) and ordered our Hot Dog Pizza. Delivery was fairly quick (well done Papas) and the wives had only just departed so that dodged a bullet. We settled down and had a look in the box. It looked a bit bland and it was a good job they had the mustard on top to give it some colour. It was obviously still nice and hot.

The base we had was the classic and was all good, We were a little concerned that the Heinz Tomato Ketchup sauce was going to quite sweet compared to usual red sauce and it was pretty much a bit overpowering really. The cheese was standard fare and well cooked. We were surprised that the sausage was much paler in colour than we expected and didn’t look the best quality. However don’t judge a book by it’s cover it was actually quite nice with a high meat content. And at least the saltiness of the sausage balanced out the sweetness of the ketchup well. A few onions were sprinkled about and were a welcome ingredient.

It was as we said earlier, topped with Heinz American style mustard which is pretty mild but once again sweet. There was far too much mustard for the lads and it was slightly off-putting. So did it work as a combo? We thought it was an interesting novelty idea and one that could be recreated in your kitchen by your own fair hands . But would you want to? Its saltiness of the sausage balancing out the sweetness well. was the sort of cooking type fun they would show on Kids TV during the summer holidays! We would say overall a 5 out of ten from the lads. Too much sauce!

A sideways thumbs from The Pizza Lads

Papa John’s Pizza Review, Papa John’s Pizzas, Reviews of Papa John’s Pizzas

Dominic Pizza from Mod Pizza

Dominic Pizza Review, Dominic Pizza Hut Review

White sauce, asiago, fresh chopped basil, red onion, sliced tomatoes, mild sausage

Dominic Pizza Review

Dominic Pizza Review, Dominic Pizza Hut Review Dominic Pizza

The lads were once again back in the big city and our port of call is always to seek out a Mod Pizza outlet which we highly rate. Upon arrival we scanned the menu and were met as always with a strange names given to the pizzas. We are secretly hoping that they introduce a Bill or Ted one (hint, hint) but for now though Ted wanted the Fred, Bill vetoed that as he hated a guy called Fred at College (good looking dude who always got the girls). Anyway we opted for the Dominic as we recalled no problems with any guys with that name.

The Dominic was ordered the standard base as they don’t offer the multitude of fancy bases other outlets do. To be honest the frappé latte flavour garlic and olive with stuffed plastic cheese and hot dog crust is totally overrated in our opinion. Anyway when it arrived it looked pretty pale due the white sauce which was Creamy and a great alternative to red sauce. The base itself was nicely cooked though a little thin. It was sprinkled with sharp asiago cheese made in the foothills of some Italian hill or other. The sausage was a bit too mild for our liking and could have done with more flavour. It was accompanied by fresh chopped basil, red onion and sliced tomatoes which gave the offering a nice flavour range.

So we were overall fairly happy though we felt this combo was a weak offering really compared to some and had a certain blandness about it, not too bad but not one for us.

A sidewards thumb from The Pizza Lads

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