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ZAWTR Bicycle Pizza Cutter, Bike Pizza Cutter Novelty Pizza Wheel

ZAWTR Bicycle Pizza Cutter

ZAWTR Bicycle Pizza Cutter Bike Pizza Cutter Novelty Pizza Wheel,  Dual Stainless Steel Pizza Knife with Non-Stick Coating & Kickstand. This novelty bicycle pizza cutter is ingeniously designed as bicycle pattern, looks vivid and delicate, fast and effortless dual wheel cutting without ruining the surface, help you to get pizza pieces in seconds, also a novel and stylish ornament to adorn the pizza and add more pleasure to your eating time. The bicycle pizza cutter has dual stainless steel blades with non-stick coating, rust-resistant, corrosion resistance, and non-stick edge for smooth cutting experience. The sharp blades can not only cut your pizza but also pie crust and pastry dough. The bike wheel pizza slicer is portable to take anywhere you...