Pepperoni Pizza from Frankie & Benny’s

Pepperoni Pizza Review from Frankie & Benny's

Pepperoni Pizza from Frankie & Benny’s Review

What they say
San Francisco style sourdough with an Italian soul. Hand-stretched topped with Pepperoni and mozzarella

What we say
Simple pizzas can often be the best as long as the few toppings are of superior quality. Often loads of toppings can cancel and overpower others and it usually ends up with being the hottest / spiciest toppings taking the limelight. So the lads went back to basics and apart from a margherita the pepperoni is the simplest. So our mates at Frankies would have their chance to impress us.

First off it was hot and looked lovely, pepperoni is of course THE classic topping for good reason, its the perfect taste experience.

The sourdough base is thin and and best eaten with knife and fork. It was tasty and flavourful and edges were chewy and satisfying. The tomato sauce was generous and one of the better ones of the big pizza chains. Mozzarella cheese was not too thick but very toasted on top and not too stringy or gooey, taste was very acceptable. The pepperoni hits all the right notes: meaty, spicy, a little sour, and chewy, with a paprika bite and we felt it was a fine grind of cured pork and beef. Lush

The classic pizzas are the best and this rated highly in our opinion

A Thumbs up from The Pizza Lads…

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Stonebaked Pepperoni Pizza from Sainsbury’s

Stonebaked Pepperoni Pizza from Sainsbury's Review

Stonebaked Pepperoni Pizza from Sainsbury’s Review

A 10 inch hand stretched stonebaked Pizza base made with Extra Virgin Olive oil, topped with Tomato and Basil sauce, Mozzarella and Cheddar Cheeses, sliced Pepperoni and confit Onion

The Stonebaked Pepperoni Pizza Review

The lads had been told to cut back on Pizza spending by the Missuses. We said, well how can we produce the reviews that the public demand, if we don’t try them? Seeing our distress they agreed that we could economise a bit and eat supermarket ones for a few weeks. So dodging the bullet once again we trooped off to Sainsbury’s to see the offerings. Now we are not superkeen on frozen Pizzas so we opted for a chilled one. Lots of choice was on offer but Bill felt a bit Pepperoniy so we grabbed one and set off home again.

The Pizza looks good with big slices of Pepperoni and lots of Onions. Starting with the stonebaked base we felt it was a bit soggy, the copious amount of Onions and grease seemed to have seeped into the base. The taste wasn’t horrendous but to be honest it sucked overall.

The Tomato sauce had a nice hint of Basil and was acceptable, the cheese was OK, but some more would have been nice. The pepperoni was very greasy we reckoned and not the best tasting, and it was drowned in sweet soggy Onions which left an after taste.

So not a great example of a Sainsbury’s Pizza as we had had others in the past which had rivalled restaurant offerings. Sainsbury’s we suggest dropping this one (in the bin)

A thumbs down from The Pizza Lads

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