DILLON JAMES Pizza Review from MOD Pizza

DILLON JAMES Pizza Review from MOD Pizza, DILLON JAMES Review

DILLON JAMES Pizza Review from MOD Pizzas

What they say
DILLON JAMES – Mozzarella, asiago, fresh chopped basil, garlic, sliced tomatoes, red sauce

What we say
The lads visited the mecca of pizza outlets, maybe that’s pushing it a bit but MOD is an excellent pizza maker. It’s a no fuss menu and really straightforward to order a standard option or create your own and you watch it being constructed before your eyes and you can even add any toppings you want at no extra cost, which is a dangerous thing to confront the lads with so we stuck to the standard option.

Now the thing is that the names of the pizzas are totally random, were guessing the person who thought of the combo first? but we don’t know.

We went for the Dillon James standard as it comes, no extra Dillons for the lads lol. The pizza was literally in front of us hot and fresh within 10 minutes, it looked unfussy but with nicely toasted edge crusts and cheese. The base is fairly thin and pretty crispy so if you like soft doughy bases you may be out of luck. The red sauce was indeed red and tomato-y. Mozza and asiago were slightly unevenly spread but generous and the stringiness factor was spot on.

With the asiago adding a nuttier and creamier taste than standard mozza. Then it was a bit of basil adding a peppery flavour and finished with some garlic and sliced tomato. It was all very fresh tasting and for really a basic margherita style pizza it was very nice. The Dollar cost was low as well . Obviously we would really have liked to have some additional toppings ourselves, maybe the sausage, but then it wouldn’t be a Dillon James would it.

Good pizza, good price, quick service.

A thumbs up from The Pizza Lads

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Dominic Pizza from Mod Pizza

Dominic Pizza Review, Dominic MOD Pizza Review Dominic Pizza

Dominic Pizza Review, Dominic MOD Pizza Review

White sauce, asiago, fresh chopped basil, red onion, sliced tomatoes, mild sausage

Dominic Pizza Review

The lads were once again back in the big city and our port of call is always to seek out a Mod Pizza outlet which we highly rate. Upon arrival we scanned the menu and were met as always with a strange names given to the pizzas. We are secretly hoping that they introduce a Bill or Ted one (hint, hint) but for now though Ted wanted the Fred, Bill vetoed that as he hated a guy called Fred at College (good looking dude who always got the girls). Anyway we opted for the Dominic as we recalled no problems with any guys with that name.

The Dominic was ordered the standard base as they don’t offer the multitude of fancy bases other outlets do. To be honest the frappé latte flavour garlic and olive with stuffed plastic cheese and hot dog crust is totally overrated in our opinion. Anyway when it arrived it looked pretty pale due the white sauce which was Creamy and a great alternative to red sauce. The base itself was nicely cooked though a little thin. It was sprinkled with sharp asiago cheese made in the foothills of some Italian hill or other. The sausage was a bit too mild for our liking and could have done with more flavour. It was accompanied by fresh chopped basil, red onion and sliced tomatoes which gave the offering a nice flavour range.

So we were overall fairly happy though we felt this combo was a weak offering really compared to some and had a certain blandness about it, not too bad but not one for us.

A sidewards thumb from The Pizza Lads

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Mad Dog Pizza from MOD Pizza

Mad Dog Pizza Review, Mad Dog Pizza from MOD Pizza

Mad Dog Pizza from MOD Pizza Review

For Meat Lovers, mozzarella, pepperoni, mild sausage, ground beef, red sauce

Mad Dog Pizza Review

The lads had taken a couple of weeks off to enjoy the Holiday season, however goodwill was in short supply in the Bill and Ted households and the wives were keen to turf us out from under their feet.

We had decided to go to London to catch a footie match and of course this would take us near a Mod pizza outlet. So we were on our way asap. We took in the pizza joint before going to the game and upon arrival scanned the menu. The one that jumped out to us was the Mad Dog, now exactly why its called that we have no idea, but they all have pretty strange names so who cares.

The pizza showed up in no time and it looked awesome with a rustic looking base, no machines were involved in this creation. The toppings seemed to be generously heaped on and the cheese had a lovely toasted look to it. So we dug in, the base was pretty thin and we would have preferred a slightly thicker one. However it tasted fresh and was not soggy. The red sauce was piquant and rich and was amongst the best tomato sauces we have had. The mozzarella was thick and as we said nice and toasty with a chewy stingy texture. The meat toppings are pepperoni which had a good bite and peppery taste, mild sausage was good and meaty and not too greasy. The ground beef was tender and of a high quality.

The overall result is a really indulgent pizza and one we would heartily recommend.

A massive thumbs up from The Pizza Lads

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Classic Caspian Pizza from MOD Pizza

Classic Caspian Pizza from MOD Pizza Classic Caspian Pizza Review

Classic Caspian Pizza from MOD Pizza Review

Classic Caspian comes with a BBQ sauce base, mozzarella, red onion, grilled chicken, blue cheese & BBQ swirl finish.

The Classic Caspian Pizza Review

The lads had really enjoyed eating at Mod pizza the last time we were dragged to the shopping centre, so when we were told by the missuses that new curtains were critical to our future well-being we remembered that a curtain shop was near to the Mod Pizza outlet.

So suggesting this, it was off to the “Mall” (for our American friends) . We managed to slip away in the curtain shop fairly easily and headed to Mod Pizza. We studied the menu and the Caspian looked good.

The pizza arrived pretty quickly and it looked splendid. The base was a double crust and man it was good. Bill said that they must make the dough instore? Anyway, topping wise the BBQ sauce was tangy and the mixture of Blue Cheese and Mozza was a revelation. The Blue Cheese was strong and powerful and the Chicken was nicely grilled and tender. Our only complaint was that the BBQ swirl on top was a step in the overkill direction, however we realised that it was just for show. So all in all a top rated pizza.

The ladies were still studying curtains when we slipped back and I don’t think we were missed at all. Could’ve had a second helping! Oh well…

A great thumbs up from The Pizza Lads….

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Lucy Sunshine Pizza from MOD Pizzas

Lucy Sunshine Pizza MOD Pizzas Pizza review

Lucy Sunshine Pizza from MOD Pizzas Review

Classic Lucy Sunshine comes with Garlic, Mozzarella, Artichokes, Parmesan & Red sauce dollop finish.

The Lucy Sunshine Pizza Review

The lads had heard of a new pizza chain opening in the UK and although they don’t have many branches at the moment we happened to come across one. The missuses had decided to hit the January sales to buy more clothes that despite being raved to us over when purchased (we’ve learned to pretend interest), we guarantee we will never see the item again and if we happen to remember it later we will be told that it A) wasn’t liked B) has been taken to a charity shop.

Anyway as the designated drivers we had to tag along and lose ourselves in the shopping centre. So here we were at Mod Pizza and it promised to be a real treat, a quirky take on the Mod movement that somehow fits in well with pizzas. We went for the Lucy Sunshine as Lucy was Teds first girlfriends name so that seemed a good omen. It was a sparse looking pizza and the toppings seemed a bit mean but as we have said before, dollops of toppings a good pizza does not make! And although Bill was a bit unsure about the artichokes it somehow all worked fantastically.

The base was a standard crust and it was lovely, Soft and crispy with hand made look. The cheese was awesome and the red sauce was so different that we would have it for breakfast if we could. Now the toppings can be totally modded which we didn’t do this time, so beware Mod Pizza, next time we go were taking full advantage.

An amazing new pizza outlet that you must try, A big thumbs up from The Pizza Lads!

Oh you think that’s the best coat you have ever had (i’ll try to remember lol)


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MOD PIZZA – The big new thing in pizza’!

MOD Pizza fast casual-pizza chainA pizza chain created by a former Starbucks is talking the world by storm and terrify Domino’s and Papa John’s…

MOD Pizza are one of the fastest growing fast-casual pizza chain around at the moment.

CEO and co-founder Scott Svenson said…
“We’re going to continue to grow at the rate we have been growing — which is really fast,”

MOD Pizza is one of the fastest-growing chains in the industry, opening 110 locations in 2017. The fast-casual pizza chain now has 302 locations, more than doubling its size over the last two years.

“It’s been fun and exhilarating, but wild is a good way of describing it,” Svenson said. According to the CEO, MOD Pizza plans to continue to open roughly 100 stores a year.

The Pizza Lads believe traditional pizza delivery chains should be terrified…

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