MAXIMUS Pizza Oven Review, Red Arena, Wood-Fired Pizza Oven

MAXIMUS Pizza Oven

MAXIMUS Pizza Oven Review MAXIMUS Red Arena, Wood-Fired Pizza Outdoor Oven, Real Wood, Real Flavour This RED Portuguese wood-fired oven can be used to cook almost any food and is particularly great with Pizzas, it has 60 x 60cm internal cooking space, measures 70 x 70 x 98cm high including stainless steel flue. The oven weighs approx 55kg. The cooking floor has fire bricks tiles under which is a ceramic blanket to provide heat insulation / retention. The oven is wrapped with a aluminium skin (black or red). The Maximus oven has an innovative design with a stainless steel baffle, which allows the hot smoke to travel back to front inside the oven consequently extracting more heat. This system utilized...