LEMCASE Pizza Cutter Wheel, Professional Pizza Slicer, Pizza Cutter

LEMCASE Pizza Cutter Wheel

LEMCASE Pizza Cutter Wheel Professional Pizza Slicer – Silicone Handle and Stainless Steel Blade with Protective Cover   Multi-functional pizza cutter made of silicone, stainless steel and plastic materials. This pizza slicer makes it easier and more fun to enjoy pizza. Applicable Scene – kitchen home tools, gadgets, accessories, utensils, equipment, materials, items, supplies, etc. Applicable Elements – thin or crust pizza, cheese, dough, quiche, pastry, cut brownies, fudge or cookies or anything soft fits under the blade. Pizza knife cut cutting scraper stone peel pan board paddle tray LEMCASE pizza cutter allows you to safely, quickly and easily cut your favorite foods such as pizza, dough, cakes, sandwiches and waffles! The product has a beautiful packaging and is perfect...