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HOMIER Commercial Pizza Oven, Twin Deck, Electric Pizza Oven

HOMIER Commercial Pizza Oven

HOMIER Commercial Pizza Oven Twin Deck Commercial Pizza Oven, 2 x 16”, Electric Pizza Oven, Three Phase 3KW. However you want your pizza, this oven can do it.Whether your pizza is frozen, thin crust, deep pan, or even home made, this pizza oven and grill knows what to do with it. Watch and smell the magic happen as the fire stones give your pizzas an all-over even bake. With cooking temperatures of between 50ºC and 350ºC, the oven can handle multiple pizzas in one go with its two twin decks and three separately controlled heating elements. It’s versatile enough to turn its talents to many other types of food too, such as garlic bread, ciabatta, naan, lasagne, pastries and pies....