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Lust Pizza from Hell Pizza

Lust Pizza from Hell Pizza Review What they say The first Cardinal Sin. We bring it to you in effigy as 5 pepper Pepperoni, Salami, Ham, Bacon & Cabanossi Chorizo, lashed with your choice of sauce, eg. BBQ, Sweet Chilli, Smokey BBQ Tomato, Honey Mustard, etc. All served on a crisp tasty pizza base topped with Hell’s special recipe Tomato base sauce, mozzarella cheese, herbs & spices. What they say The lads were touring New Zealand and one of the large pizza chains we discovered was Hell Pizzas. Sounds like something that couldn’t be missed. We decided upon the Lust Pizza as the lads are always lusting for a pizza and it is a real meat lovers dream. It arrived...

Hell Pizza Menu Prices New Zealand, Hell Pizza Prices New Zealand

Hell Pizza Menu Prices New Zealand

Hell Pizza Prices New Zealand, Hell Pizza Prices September 2023 The Pizza Lads are big fans of making everything fun and with a theme, and you don’t get much better than spooky themes like Hell Pizza. A 666 pizza for the grown ups and a 333 Pizza for the kids, brilliant! Hell Pizza is a New Zealand based pizza chain that has now grown very large indeed. Hell pizza began in New Zealand next to Victoria University, and has expanded all over New Zealand. Has a very switched on business they even state that their Hell Deliveries are Carbon Neutral. A big lesson to other Pizza companies. Below is the latest September 2023 Hell Pizza Menu Prices, New Zealand. https://hellpizza.com/ Hell...