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Grizzly Pizza Baking Set, 4 Pizza Trays, Pizza Pans for Oven Pizza Baking

Grizzly Pizza Baking Set

Grizzly Pizza Baking Set 4 Pizza Trays / 4 Pizza Pans for Oven Pizza Baking This five piece pizza shelf is the perfect companion for your kitchen when you are hosting your friends or family. It is suitable to bake up-to 4 different pizzas at once in your oven. There is enough space between the layers for your favourite pizza toppings. This versatile tool gives you more possibilities than just preparing pizzas. You can cook a variety of different meals on each of the trays at the same time. The safety latch gives the stand stability. Great 4-in-1 kit with safety clip for preparing chips and fish, mozzarella sticks, smoked salmon, mini sausages, calamaris, sandwiches, thin cakes and all types...