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Grilled Vegi Pesto Pizza from Domino's, Grilled Vegi Pesto Pizza Review

Grilled Vegi Pesto Pizza from Domino’s

Grilled Vegi Pesto Pizza from Domino’s Review What they say loaded with chargrilled courgettes, vibrant red, green and yellow peppers, juicy tomatoes and a sprinkle of crunchy red onions. It’s finished with a tasty pesto drizzle, topped with vine-ripened tomato sauce and a generous sprinkling of mozzarella Summer is on the way and our pizza chefs have been cooking up banging new slices of grilled goodness with an all new Domino’s veggie pizza. Sunny weather and getting the barbecue out just go hand in hand – so we decided it’s time to welcome in the warmer weather with some brilliantly browned veggie pizza toppings. If you’re craving an all new twist on our super tasty vegetarian pizzas, the Grilled Vegi...