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FMHCTN Commercial Tabletop Pizza Oven, 26L Electric Steam Oven

FMHCTN Commercial Tabletop Pizza Oven

FMHCTN Commercial Tabletop Pizza Oven 26L Electric Steam Oven Baking Machine Automatic Pizza Oven with Auto Cleaning and Sterilization. Wide range of applications: The electric oven is widely used for baking biscuits, cakes, tarts, roast chicken, pizza, etc., which is very suitable for home and commercial use. 26L gold capacity: 26L exquisite capacity, suitable size, increase the utilisation rate, and refuse to be a home furnishing. Special 125°C steaming: rapid heating, shortening the cooking time, and preserving the nutrition of the ingredients. Precise hot air baking: Subvert the heating of the traditional oven heating tube, and use the back circulating hot air to make the temperature of the cavity uniform and uniform heating. No Worry to Choice: Made of healthy...