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Firepower Pizza Oven Wood Pellets Review, Firepower Wood Pellets

Firepower Pizza Oven Wood Pellets

Firepower Pizza Oven Wood Pellets Review Firepower Wood Pellets | Pizza Oven Pellets | High Energy Wood Pellets 6mm Firepower Wood Pellets are premium quality 6mm wood pellets. Firepower Wood Pellets have a particularly high calorific value and a pleasing light colour – a great value that won’t let you down. By utilising a highly durable 15Kg bag, we have been able to reduce the plastic content of the bag without reducing the bag strength. Firepower wood pellets are the great pellets for pizza oven use, easy lighting, high heat output & nice smoked flavour are the perfect characteristics when selecting your pizza oven fuel. Our office can very much vouch for the end product. PIZZA OVEN & OONI PIZZA...