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Sicilia Pizza from Domino's Pizza Review

Sicilia Pizza from Domino’s Pizza

Sicilia Pizza from Domino’s Pizza Review Chicken Breast Strips, Cajun Seasoning, Red Onions & Pepper Pearls for a hot & sweet kick, served with our exclusive Chilli Oil. Domino’s Sicilia Pizza Review The lads had a succession of very meaty based Pizzas of late and to be honest we felt like we needed a change. Veggie Pizzas are all good but Chicken really hits the mark. Scanning our menus we settled upon the Sicilia from Domino’s Pizza. It’s part of the Italiano range which is a thinner, hand-stretched base which we think is a bit tougher and chewy than the standard. However this is the more authentic taste. Usual decent cheese and tomato base. On to the toppings, Chicken breast,...