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The Chick Ain't Pizza Review, The Chick Ain't Pizza Domino's

The Chick Ain’t Pizza from Domino’s

The Chick Ain’t From Domino’s Review Loads of you at home have been sending in requests for a vegan ‘chicken’ pizza… and it’s finally landed in hundreds of stores across the UK. With vegan soya strips and loads of fresh veggie toppings, The Chick-Ain’t is well worth the wait. Our talented pizza chefs knead and hand-stretch the vegan pizza dough until it’s light and airy, before spreading with a ladle of Domino’s own vine-ripened tomato sauce. Next, this new vegan pizza is topped with vegan soya strips, onions, green & red peppers and our ultra-melty vegan cheese alternative. The Chick Ain’t From Domino’s Review The lads are not known for being big vegans but we have often eaten vegan alternate...