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The Cheeseburger Pizza Review, The Cheeseburger Domino's

The Cheeseburger Pizza from Domino’s

The Cheeseburger Pizza From Domino’s Review The mind-blowing delicious mash-up comes packed with all the hallmarks of a signature cheeseburger including 100% mozzarella cheese, double ground beef, fresh tomato, onions, gherkins and Domino’s vine ripened tomato sauce. The revolutionary hybrid is then topped off with the pizzamaker’s secret burger sauce on the inimitable taste of Domino’s freshly-handmade dough, which superfans nationwide know tastes like no other. The new fusion ‘pizza-cheeseburger-combo’ really must be tasted to be believed and whilst it may not sound like it works on paper, it most definitely works on pizza!  Or should we say Domino’s pizza? Let’s look at those mouth-watering ingredients one last time… Domino’s vine ripened tomato sauce 100% mozzarella cheese A double portion...