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Dolce Mare Pizza Stone Review, Dolce Mare Pizza Stone Black

Dolce Mare Pizza Stone

Dolce Mare Pizza Stone Review Dolce Mare Pizza Stone Black – Pizza Stone Made of high-Quality Cordierite for The Oven & Grill – Baking Stone for Crispy Pizza just Like at The Italian Restaurant – Incl. Pizza Slider Crunchy pizza base Dimensions: 38cm x 30cm x 1.5cm. The Dolce Mare pizza stone absorbs excess liquid and gives your pizza the original Italian taste. The result: an irresistible, crispy pizza base with juicy toppings! TEMPERATURES UP TO 900C Transform your oven into an Italian stone oven: High-quality stone made of resistant cordierite withstands extreme temperature loads up to 900C and is perfect for grill & oven! EASY TO CLEAN Thanks to the black glazed surface, the baking stone always stays like...