DEEP DEEP DISH CHEESE Pizza from Little Caesars, Dish Cheese Review

DEEP DEEP DISH CHEESE Pizza from Little Caesars

DEEP DEEP DISH CHEESE Pizza review from Little Caesars What they say Large Detroit style deep dish pizza with mozzarella and Muenster cheese and vine-ripened California crushed tomato sauce. What we say The lads were touring America and dropped into a little Caesars for a light bite. We decided to keep it simple and this can often result in the best tasting pizzas uncluttered with widely varying flavors. What can be more straightforward than a bog standard cheese and tomato, plain Margarita pizza? It looked excellent with mountains of toasty browned cheese. We did go for the deep deep dish base which is always pretty amazing and really fills us up, it had a buttery, biscuit like taste with nicely...