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Zesty Ham & Cheddar Pizza Review from Cicis Pizza, Cicis Pizza Review

Zesty Ham & Cheddar Pizza from Cicis Pizza

Zesty Ham & Cheddar Pizza from Cicis Review What they say Traditional crust brushed with garlic butter and topped with Zesty Parmesan Ranch sauce, 100% real cheese, 100% real cheddar and ham. What we say The lads could not believe the prices on offer at Cicis, for a few dollars you can get a freshly made pizza, about the same price as a frozen one from the local Mall. So will we be surprised or not as to the quality? (gulp) The pizza was hot for sure and looked reasonable, plenty of cheese and a fair amount of ham. Smell wise it was a good cheesy whiff. The base was to be honest not the best and certainly not hand...

Cicis Pizza Menu Prices USA, Cicis Pizza Prices America

Cicis Pizza Menu Prices USA

Cicis Menu Prices USA, Cicis Pizza Prices America September 2023 Cicis Pizza offers customers an unlimited pizza buffet within a in great restaurant environment. The restaurant serves up a variety of pizzas, wings, pastas, and desserts and customers who visit Cicis Pizza have the opportunity to select from a range of food items on their buffet menu starting at a price of only $5.99. There is also a great fresh salad bar available at most outlets Below is the latest September 2023 Cicis Pizza Menu Prices www.cicis.com Create Your Own Create Your Own Medium $3.99 Create Your Own Large $5.74 Cheese Medium $3.99 Cheese Large $5.74 Pepperoni Medium $3.99 Pepperoni Large $5.74 Cicis Specialty Pizzas Meat Eater Medium $3.99 Meat Eater...