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Char Pizza Oven Review, Char Outdoor Wood Fired Pizza Oven

Char Pizza Oven

Char Pizza Oven Review Char Outdoors (The No. 1) Pizza Oven for 12″ Pizzas. Stainless Steel, Portable Design, Wood Fired Pizza Oven with Thermometer, Peel, 1.5kg Pellets and 4 Firelighters – 2 Year Guarantee UNIQUE DESIGN ENGINEERED FOR BETTER PIZZAS Designed from scratch to create a better airflow for consistently crispier, more evenly cooked pizzas with a light crisp base, gently browned toppings, melting cheese and authentic wood-fired flavour​ INCREDIBLY EASY TO USE AND CLEAN Just light the wood pellets or kindling and within 15 minutes the oven is up to temperature. Pizzas cook in less than 3 minutes, and when you’ve finished your pizza party, simply pull out the hopper to empty the ashes FITS ON A TABLE TOP...