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Ardente Pizza from Domino's Review

Ardente Pizza from Domino’s

Ardente Pizza from Domino’s Review Ventricina Salami, Jalapeños & Pepper Pearls for a hot & sweet kick. Served with our exclusive chilli oil / large slice / Italian style base. Domino’s Ardente Pizza Review A nice looking looking pizza, the cheese was a good appealing toasty shade and the with just a few toppings the taste of the crispy cooked salami wasn’t lost in a pile of cheap toppings for those who like quantity over quality. The sauce was up to domino’s usual competent standards and the peppers and chillies really gave it an exotic boost Another winner The Pizza Lads agreed… Add A Pizza Review Ardente Pizza Review from Dominos, Ardente Pizza Domino’s Pizza’s. Domino’s Pizza Review, Domino’s Pizzas,...