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Keto Pizza Bases (Low Carb) Review, 9 Inch Pizza Bases

Keto Pizza Bases (Low Carb)

Keto Pizza Bases (Low Carb) Review Seriously Low Carb Pizza Bases | 9 Inch | Multipack of 4 | Keto | Low Carb | Low Sugar | High Protein | No Compromise (Low Carb Pizza Base Twin Pack, x 2 Packs = 4 Bases) Four delicious 9″ low carb keto vegan pizza bases ready for you to top and bake to perfection. LOW CARB & ONLY 253 KCALS – less than 9g net carbs per 100g VS standard pizza bases at 40g – 55g. Only 253 Kcals per base. PROTEIN PACKED & VEGAN – a massive 29g protein per 100g, that’s more than some steaks! Suitable for Vegans. SUGAR FREE – at just 0.3g per 100g, our bases are considered...