Superworks Pizza from Greco Pizza

Superworks Pizza Review, Superworks Pizza from Greco Pizza

Superworks Pizza from Greco Pizza Review

What they say

A GrecoWorks pizza made super! Pepperoni, Salami, Bacon Topping, Mushrooms, Green Peppers, Onions, Beef Topping and Pizza Cheese

What we say

The lads were back on the Canadian pizza trail as there were so many chains we hadn’t had a chance to try out last time. Grecos was on top of the list for a traditional canadian style pizza if such a thing exists.

The option we went for was the Superworks as they had thrown everything on top but the kitchen sink. The pizza looked and smelt nice so all was good for a start. The classic style crust base was fairly crunchy and slightly greasy so we guess it was pan fried, it was fresh tasting but nothing outstanding, edges were seasoned and crusty. Red sauce was pretty sweet but not as thick as we expected from the blurb, still a reasonable tasting sauce. Cheese was spread in a good surface coverage, nice and stringy to the bite as well. Pepperoni is a chain signature special and is of nice quality cut into big slices, with a bit of a kick that delighted us. Salami was intermingled among the pepperoni and was juicy and succulent.

The Bacon unfortunately was a bit non existent , and what we did find was disappointing. The ground spicy beef on the other hand was plentiful and pleasing with more than enough flavor. On to the veggies-Mushrooms, Green Peppers, Onions- quite finely cut but all fresh we believe and very acceptable.

The combo verdict then, overall quite greasy and sweet, nothing outstanding taste wise but nothing really that off putting apart from the bacon.

Sadly a thumbs down from The Pizza Lads on balance.

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Superworks Pizza Review, Superworks Pizza from Greco Pizza

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