Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter

Star Trek Starship Enterprise Pizza Cutter Review

Star Trek “Starship Enterprise” Pizza Cutter Review

This Pizza cutter in the form of the U.S.S. Starship Enterprise NCC-1701-D from Star Trek, The Next Generation and is officially-licensed ST:TNG collectible, Exclusively designed and made by ThinkGeek.

Hey, The Pizza Lads love Star Trek and this Star Trek Pizza cutter slices Pizza at Warp Speed. Now you can own this genuine Starship Enterprise, which is a licensed U.S.S. “Starship Enterprise” pizza cutter, which was formerly available only through Federation Restaurant Supply depots.

The cutter itself is sharp and of really good quality. It’s quite heavy but in a strong sturdy way.

The solid zinc-alloy, chromium-plated body is in the shape of the Starship Enterprise itself. It’s 8-1/2″ long overall, with a 4″ dia cutting wheel marked “USS Enterprise NCC-1701.” It comes gift-boxed for your favorite Trekker. It functions well in zero gravity, but not for use on Tribbles.

The Pizza Lads love this and give it a big thumbs up…

Other Reviews…

This is just the coolest pizza wheel cutter ever!

Really good value for money and so unusual, a totally unique item.

My friend loves Star Trek and I needed to get him a housewarming present.

This is absolutely perfect!

Great present for any Star Trek fan!

Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter

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