Spicy Milano Pizza from California Pizza Kitchen

Spicy Milano Pizza Review from California Pizza Kitchen

Spicy Milano Pizza Review from California Pizza Kitchen

What they say

Crispy thin crust topped with Spicy marinara, Serrano peppers, Italian sausage, spicy pepperoni, Cremini mushrooms, yellow onions, fresh Mozzarella & Romano and wild Greek oregano.

What we say

The lads were on the road somewhere in the middle of nowhere between Hicktown and Bumsville we think, when out of the gloom loomed up a California pizza kitchen, a real oasis for the lads on a long road trip. We were in the mood for spicy and the Spicy Milano looked just the job. Unfortunately it was a bit late at night and the staff morale seemed low with thoughts turned to home, but hey even we have off days and were perfect (not), so no biggie. The topping to base ratio was good and it looked like a busy pizza indeed. The Thin crust base was adequate, fairly crispy but a bit too thin for our liking, taste wise it was just Okay.

The cheese mix had a nice sharpness compared to standard mozza and a powerful tang as well. The spicy marinara sauce had more than a hint of garlic in it. Serrano peppers are jalapeños on steroids and take some getting used to. The standard Italian sausage packed a ton of flavor in tasty bitesize morsels.The Quite large slices of spicy pepperoni had a noticeably bigger punch than the regular variety and were melt in the mouth tender.

Cremini mushrooms add a welcome touch of mildness amongst the powerful toppings along with delicate in flavor yellow onions. Wild Greek oregano is a perfect spicy finishing touch for any pizza. To be honest, due to the questionable attitude of a staff member we were going to give this review a tough time, however we were won over by this combo and make no mistake this is not for the faint hearted, man it’s spicy! We had reservations about the dough base but a reluctant thumbs up overall.

A thumbs up from The Pizza Lads

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Spicy Milano Pizza Review from California Pizza Kitchen

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