Spicy Chicken Burger Pizza from Papa John's Review

Spicy Chicken Burger Pizza from Papa John’s Review

It begins with a tongue tingling combo of our sweet Californian Tomato sauce and hot Buffalo sauce. Above that you’ll find crispy Piri Piri Chicken poppers along with fresh Red Peppers and sliced Red Onion. Lastly, a final flourish of Green Serenade Chillies for an extra wave of aromatic heat for that added kick.

Papa John’s Spicy Chicken Burger Pizza Review
The Missuses were given us poor Pizza lads a hard time over the amount of Pizzas we were consuming and said we would end up looking like one. We pleaded our case that we had to eat Pizzas so all our followers know what to go for! But the law was laid down and we were told no more Pizzas in the next few days, that was it and they were off for good and “ain’t never coming back”.

Oh man, now we are not good liars, so we really felt like we were knackered. So off we went in a right huff, but passing the local PJ’s, (Papa John’s) we noticed a sign for a Spicy Chicken Burger! Hang on a minute are they branching out into Macd’s territory? Closer inspection revealed it was a Pizza, so Ted said “well we can Green Serenade Chillies Green Serenade Chilliessay in all honesty we had a burger”, so only a white lie if questioned by the wives! That was good enough for us…

So anyway were losing the plot here, onto the pizza review. We decided upon the standard base which was as usual up to par and crispy round the edges. The toppings seemed a bit sparse though to look at. The sweet Californian Tomato sauce and hot Buffalo sauce was an inspired mixture and really sets the taste buds going.

Cheese was all over and melty thick. The crispy Piri Piri Chicken poppers were a bit unusual and Bill wasn’t keen on the crispiness, but they had a real kicking taste. It was rounded off with fresh Red Peppers and sliced Red Onion. But the explosion of heat came from the Green Serenade Chillies. So a good and different combo though were not too sure about the Burger name on it. Oh well, when we got back and faced the third degree we said we had had a burger and brownie points all round for the lads.

A Thumbs up from The Pizza Lads

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