Soho 65 from Pizza Express

Soho 65 from Pizza Express Soho 65 Pizza Review

Soho 65 from Pizza Express Review

Mozzarella and tomato with black olives, buffalo mozzarella and garlic oil, finished with rocket, shaved Gran Milano cheese and extra virgin olive oil on a Classic base

Pizza Express Soho 65 Pizza Review The lads had not been that kind to Pizza Express the last time we visited, We had the Vegan option and though passable did not appeal to us.

So in the interest of fairness we revisited our local and choose another option. Now you may be thinking we would go for the safe options. But no, the lads are committed to bringing you all the options so you can make up your mind yourself. Scanning the menu we opted for the Soho 65, not perhaps our traditional taste. The pizza was a “salad garden on a plate” Ted said, when it arrived at our table. The rocket was very much present,

Base and sauce were as usual the fine Pizza Express offering. A few black olives were scattered about to break up the green colour. The two cheeses complimented the rocket nicely and the Garlic and Olive Oil were not not to greasy tasting and to be honest all in all the Pizza as a combination offering worked well. The rocket really standing out with a pleasant mustard taste with a peppery bite. A nice option the lads agreed !

A thumbs up from The Pizza Lads

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