Sicilia Pizza from Domino’s Pizza

Sicilia Pizza from Domino's Pizza Review

Sicilia Pizza from Domino’s Pizza Review

Chicken Breast Strips, Cajun Seasoning, Red Onions & Pepper Pearls for a hot & sweet kick, served with our exclusive Chilli Oil.

Domino’s Sicilia Pizza Review
The lads had a succession of very meaty based Pizzas of late and to be honest we felt like we needed a change. Veggie Pizzas are all good but Chicken really hits the mark. Scanning our menus we settled upon the Sicilia from Domino’s Pizza. It’s part of the Italiano range which is a thinner, hand-stretched base which we think is a bit tougher and chewy than the standard. However this is the more authentic taste.

Usual decent cheese and tomato base. On to the toppings, Chicken breast, it’s got Cajun spices, it’s got pepper pearls and red onions. The Chicken breast was juicy and tender and the Cajun spices added a kick. The pepper pearls were not too hot really and worked very well. The lads felt that some mushrooms would have set things off a bit more, but we only review the standard menu items as they will be served to you.

Winner winner chicken dinner (or pizza)
A thumbs up from The Pizza Lads

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