Shrimply Delicious Pizza from Pizza Hut

Shrimply Delicious Pizza Review from Pizza Hut Shrimply Delicious

Shrimply Delicious Pizza from Pizza Hut Review

Shrimply Delicious is for sea food lovers! Diet or go all out? DO BOTH! Our mouth watering under 600 cal seafood Flatbread topped with King prawns, fresh spinach and mixed peppers.

Pizza Hut The Shrimply Delicious Pizza Review
The lads had reached the weekend and were feeling in the need of a pizza as always, the wives had been feeding us chips all week it seemed (perhaps they have secret plans to finish us off?).

So we were going to have to go down the low calorie route again. We opted for pizza but and thought a fishy treat seemed the way to go! The Shrimply Delicious caught our eye. The flatbread base is an unusual idea and to us, just didn’t work as it seemed a bit doughy. The toppings looked good and substantial and filled the pizza edge to edge. The cheese was passable, but the main theme of the pizza, the shrimp was a bit of a let down. It tasted fine but seemed a bit chewy.

When combined with the base we found it harder to get through than a weekend at the mother in laws! The other toppings were fine but didn’t float our boats. So not the best pizza we have had!

Thumbs down from The Pizza Lads

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