Rustica Sofia Pizza from Zizzi

Rustica Sofia Pizza from Zizzi, Rustica Sofia Pizza Review, Zizzi

Rustica Sofia Pizza Review, Zizzi

What they say
Spicy roasted chicken, pepperoni, crumbled chorizo sausage, mozzarella & sliced roquito peppers.

What we say
The lads always believe that Zizzi offers the best rustic (Oval shaped, hand stretched) pizzas at an affordable price with the best true Italian taste to be had outside of Italy.

It was served promptly and looked lovely. Slightly underwhelming in the topping/base ratio. The base itself was thinnish and quite sourdoughy (if such a word exists) but with a fantastic taste. Tomato sauce was quite sparing in places though a good amount of Mozzarella cheese more than satisfied. The Spicy roasted chicken is a novel pizza topping and we believe it contained some chillies and garlic, but it was tender, nicely browned and the pieces were quite chunky. Pepperoni was also deeply spicy and oozing taste.More high seasoning was in evidence with the crumbled chorizo sausage, meaty and juicy.

All topped off with some more mozzarella & sliced roquito peppers which were Hot, sweet, distinctly flavoured and full of crunch. So all in all perhaps we may have seemed slightly critical but it’s all about how it works as a combo that matters and this pizza really scores highly for us. A spicy treat.

A thumbs up from The Pizza Lads

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