Qubestove Pizza Oven

Qubestove Pizza Oven, The Rotating Pizza Oven and Stove in One

Qubestove Pizza Oven Review

Qubestove Pizza Oven, The Rotating Pizza Oven and Stove in One

Perfect Pizza Every Time.

Whether you are a pizza lover or just want to throw an awesome backyard pizza party, QubeStove is the pizza oven for you. With a flaming hot temperature of 565 °C/1050 °F, QubeStove can give you a chewy crispy crust in just 90 seconds, without burning the crust.

Rotating Pizza Stone

QubeStove is the world’s first pizza oven with a rotating pizza stone. Simply rotate the handle below to get an even char on pizzas and roasts.

Detachable Stove

Not only can QubeStove cook the perfect pizza, it also features a detachable portable stove. Cook breakfast outdoors on a skillet, BBQ some chicken wings, or sit around the stove for unbeatable warmth on chilly nights.


QubeStove uses wood pellets for fuel, so there’s no carbon footprint, which means less air pollution. Not only are wood pellets eco-friendly, they are also cost efficient. Wood pellets burn much slower at much higher temperatures, 3 lbs of wood pellets will keep the fire blazing for over an hour.

Includes Qubestove table top stove and pizza oven.

The outdoor pizza oven with 12.6 in rotating pizza stone. Portable and detachable, the stove/fire pit can be used separately

The oven can reach max. 1065°F/575℃ degree in 10 minutes and can cook a Neapolitan pizza in 90 seconds. Secondary combustion design, no smoke when burning. More than 1 hour burn time per full load

Gravity fed, no electricity needed. High gauge stainless steel, durable yet lightweight.

Turn fire pit into stove with stove grate: fit for flat pan, skillet, wok etc

A great Pizza Oven the delivers good pizzas and rotates for your conveniences.

A thumb up from The Pizza Lads

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Qubestove Pizza Oven Review, The Rotating Pizza Oven and Stove in one

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