Quattro Carni Pizza from Pizza Express

Quattro Carni Pizza from Pizza Express Review

Quattro Carni Pizza from Pizza Express Review

Finocchiona, Coppa, Milano Salami, Pancetta, Tomato and Buffalo Mozzarella, finished with rocket and shaved Gran Milano Cheese on a classic base.

The Quattro Carni Pizza Review The lads were intrigued by the Pizza Express menu the last time we visited as the toppings seemed to have unusual names, last time it was Barbacoa. We also happened to notice the Quattro Carni Pizza which has Finocchiona and Coppa! We had no idea so vowed to come back and try it.

So giving the missuses the slip one day we found the opportunity. We had decided to Google these mystery toppings before we left and we discovered that Finocchiona is Pork Salami. Right OK, Coppa is Pork Collar! We like different, so we went for it. The pizza base was good and tasty as usual but would all the Pork’s work together? We are pleased to report that the combo was a real treat with subtle differences between the various types.

The Finocchiona has the taste of Fennel seeds, produce an intriguing sweet, anise flavor. The Coppa was quite fatty but tender. Milano Salami and Pancetta added to overall effect. Finished with rocket and shaved Gran Milano cheese to give a fresh summer looking appearance.

A decent option for Pork loving Pizza fans and a thumbs up from The Pizza Lads…

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