Pizzacraft Pizza Oven Brush

Pizza Oven Brush, Pizza Stone Cleaning Brush with Scraper Tool with Wood Handle

Pizzacraft Pizza Oven Brush Review

Pizza Oven Brush, Pizza Stone Cleaning Brush with Scraper Tool with Wood Handle


Clean and preserve your pizza stone with this pizza stone broom. It’s important to keep your pizza stones in tip-top shape with regular cleanings!

The brush is specially designed to fit into the pizza ovens. Featuring palmyra stalk bristles and hardwood handle, the brush removes tough, baked-on remnants safely and easily.

A pizza oven brush with a spatula on the back can remove stubborn stains quickly.
Handle of moderate length can remain flexible.
Palm stem fiber bristles do not scratch your equipment.


“Everyone deserves great pizza” (It’s simple but it’s a fact. This is our ‘why’ and it fuels our fire.

Since our launch Pizzacraft has grown into a world-renowned business that sells products all over the globe. Innovation is core to Pizzacraft and we’ve gone on to release new awesome pizza accessories.So now there’s an Pizzacraft for everyone.

Pizza Oven Brush, Pizza Stone Cleaning Brush with Scraper Tool with Wood Handle


Use the natural brush bristles to keep the surface of your pizza stone clean, smooth, and of debris. Make sure that the stone has cooled to room temperature before using the bristles of the brush on your pizza stone. The scraper at the end of the brush is ideal for removing cheese and toppings that have baked onto the pizza stone. The scraper may be used while the pizza stone is still hot.

* Remember to always let your pizza stones cool completely before attempting to move or clean them.


The brush also includes a loop to hang on the utility rack of the pizza oven legs.


The handle can be disassemble and can fit in any narrow space or restaurant kitchen.


Tighten the head and the wood handle with screws to link up.Reduce the vibration transmitted to the handle.The rivets are solid,very good overall construction.

Pizza oven brush size:53.2*2.5cm(20.9*0.98in). Pizza stone brush net weight:246g

Wait for your pizza oven or pizza stone to cool before using this brush. This brush is not meant to be left inside a hot pizza oven for a prolonged amount of time.

The palm stem fiber bristle brush is very suitable for cleaning the baking stone of the oven.There is a metal scraper on the back of the brush to clean and remove hard debris from the stone.Won’t scratch the stone.

Because dish soap will ruin the seasoning of a pizza stone, every kitchen should have the Pizza Stone Cleaning Tool. Features a natural fiber brush, metal scraper, long handle, and convenient hanging hook.

Any questions,you can feel free to contact us.Defective purchase,you do not need to return it,we will send you a new one directly.



Does a great job and removes baked on food etc and cleans very well indeed, so the Pizza Lads would day works a treat and better priced than some other brands.

A thumb up from The Pizza Lads

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Pizzacraft Pizza Oven Brush Review, Pizza Oven & Pizza Stone Cleaner

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