Philly Cheese Steak Pizza from Domino’s

Philly Cheese Steak (Hand Tossed) from Domino's

Philly Cheese Steak (Hand Tossed) from Domino’s

What they say

If you’re in a mood for a juicy steak, we’ve got a treat for you. It’s Domino’s Philly Cheese Steak Pizza! A delicious combination of sliced cheddar cheese and steak strips, topped with a layer of 100% mozzarella cheese. Combined with green peppers, onions and mushrooms. We’re passionate about delivering hot, great-tasting, freshly handcrafted pizzas to customers Our pizzas are made with great quality sourced ingredients, such as creamy 100% mozzarella, vine-ripened tomato sauce, and our signature fresh dough.

What we say

An American classic, the Philly Cheese Steak Pizza, is the pizza version of the famous sandwich.

The lads are always up for steak of course so we didn’t need to debate our order. Upon arrival we loved the simple look of the offering and the smell was good indeed.

We went for the handtossed version and the base was a decent thickness and slightly crunchy with fresh tasting dough and edges that had a sprinkle of the cheese baked on giving that amazing toasty flavor. Certainly not edge to edge toppings wise but still generous. The base is not coated with a traditional sauce such as tomato but we detected that there may be a brushing of garlic oil so the pizza is not too dry. The cheese was deep and delicious, we believe it tasted like a provolone sort of cheddar that had a sharp and pungent flavor then loaded with thin slices of tender steak. The steak had a decent taste and did not seem overly processed. Mozza cheese was piled on top and intermingled with fresh, tangy green peppers with a hint of sweetness. Pungent onions added a sharpness and it was finished off with the distinct flavor of delicate mushrooms. The pizza combo is top notch, with simple toppings that equate as a whole to more than the sum of its parts. Perhaps the lack of sauce can put some off but you could always ask if you wanted some.

A winner and a thumbs up from The Pizza Lads

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Philly Cheese Steak (Hand Tossed) from Domino’s Pizza

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  1. Jason Hilson says:

    Hey, thanks for the great review. i could not agree more with you guys, its a great Pizza! Jason

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