Pepperoni Pizza from Prezzo

Pepperoni Pizza from Prezzo Review, Prezzo Pepperoni Pizza Review

Pepperoni Pizza from Prezzo Review


What they say

Pepperoni, mozzarella and tomato sauce. Prezzo uses Italian recipes to bring a touch of Italy to the UK. From bubbling pizzas and scrumptious pasta to traditional bruschetta and classic Tiramisu, you’ll be taken straight to the Amalfi coast. Make any occasion a celebration with Prezzo! Buon appetito!

What we say

The lads visited Prezzo on UK national Technology Day and i’m sure you all bought each other cards for this prestigious occasion? We dined at lunchtime, and decided to go for the Pepperoni pizza. The pizza arrived fairly promptly as it was a bit quiet there (being lunchtime).

Looks wise it was okay, nothing special but we always like an oval shaped pizza and the amount of pepperoni it was topped with was reasonable. Base wise it was the standard stonebaked style thin crust and was not very crispy but soft and chewy with bubbled brown edges on top. Tomato sauce was quite rich and it tasted to us like sun blushed tomatoes were used. Mozzarella was fine, we could have done with it being thicker but it was tasty and stringy. The pepperoni was Spicy and tender with the meat fats glistening on the surface, and it had not been overcooked as it had no trace of burnt edges, as mentioned above it was a decent amount as well.

The verdict we have is that it’s a simple pizza but done with quality ingredients and although not exciting was quite adequate.

A sideways thumbs from The Pizza Lads

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Pepperoni Pizza from Prezzo Review, Prezzo Pepperoni Pizza Review

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