Panago Menu Prices Canada

Panago Menu Prices Canada, Panago Pizza Prices Canada

Panago Menu Prices Canada, Panago Pizza Prices Canada September 2023

Panago is a Canadian pizza delivery and takeout chain with over 200 locations across six provinces.

The first three stores opened in the mid eighties and operated under the brand “Panagopoulos,” which is the name the chain grew under, until it was rebranded as “Panago”. The Panago head office is in Abbotsford and there is a regional office in Downtown Toronto.

Panago offers a lot more healthier pizzas than over Pizza chains

Below is the latest September 2023 Panago Pizza Menu Prices

Panago Menu Prices Canada, Panago Pizza Prices Canada

Panago Meat Pizzas

Gluten Smart Chicken Club $23.23
BBQ Bacon Chicken $8.25
Gluten Smart BBQ Bacon Chicken $23.23
Chicken Club $7.25 $21.98
Gluten Smart Chipotle Chicken $8.00
Chipotle Chicken $8.25
Spicy Capicollo $23.23
Gluten Smart Spicy Capicollo $8.25
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Gluten Smart Pepperoni $20.48
Steak Mushroom Melt $8.00
Gluten Smart Steak Mushroom Melt $22.98
Pepperoni Classic $8.00
Gluten Smart Deluxe Hawaiian $22.98
Deluxe Hawaiian $8.00
Panago Classic $8.25
Gluten Smart Panago Classic $23.23
True Canadian $8.00
Gluten Smart Pepperoni Classic $22.98
Tropical Hawaiian $8.00
Gluten Smart Tropical Hawaiian $21.98
Pepperoni $7.25
Gluten Smart True Canadian $21.98
Gluten Smart New York Deli $23.23

Panago Veggie Pizzas

Gluten Smart Beyond Summer BBQ $22.23
Beyond Spicy Calabrese $8.50
Veggie Mediterranean $9.00
Garden Veggie $8.00
Gluten Smart Pesto Vegetarian $24.23
Pesto Vegetarian $8.50
Gluten Smart Garden Veggie $22.73
Gluten Smart Beyond Spicy Calabrese $23.23
Cheese $7.00
Gluten Smart Cheese $19.48
Gluten Smart Veggie Mediterranean $24.23
Beyond Summer BBQ $8.50

Panago Plant Based Pizzas

Gluten Smart Plant-based Mediterranean $23.72
Plant-based Mediterranean $9.25
Gluten Smart Plant-based Beyond Summer BBQ $23.23
Plant-based Deluxe Pepperoni $8.25
Plant-based Beyond Summer BBQ $8.50
Gluten Smart Plant-based Deluxe Pepperoni $23.73
Plant-based Beyond Spicy Calabrese $9.00
Plant-based Spicy Hawaiian $8.50
Gluten Smart Plant-based Spicy Hawaiian $23.73
Gluten Smart Plant-based Beyond Spicy Calabrese $23.23

Panago Organic Gluten Smart Crust Pizzas

Organic Gluten-Smart Veggie Korma $25.20
Organic Gluten-Smart Cheese $21.25
Organic Gluten-Smart BBQ Bacon Chicken $25.20
Organic Gluten-Smart True Canadian $23.10
Organic Gluten-Smart Pepperoni $21.50
Organic Gluten-Smart Steak Mushroom Melt $25.80
Organic Gluten-Smart Chicken Club $25.20
Organic Gluten-Smart Spicy Capicollo $25.20
Organic Gluten-Smart Deluxe Pepperoni $25.20
Organic Gluten-Smart Plant-based Mediterranean $25.75
Organic Gluten-Smart Beyond Summer BBQ $24.10
Organic Gluten-Smart Pierogi $22.75
Organic Gluten-Smart Steak Taqueria $24.95
Organic Gluten-Smart Baked Potato $22.75
Organic Gluten-Smart Chicken Spinach Dip $24.70
Organic Gluten-Smart Veggie Mediterranean $25.90
Organic Gluten-Smart Plant-based Beyond Spicy Calabrese $25.25
Organic Gluten-Smart Plant-based Beyond Summer BBQ $25.20
Organic Gluten-Smart Beyond Spicy Calabrese $25.20
Organic Gluten-Smart Pesto Vegetarian $25.95
Organic Gluten-Smart Chicken Taqueria $24.95
Organic Gluten-Smart Plant-based Spicy Hawaiian $25.75
Organic Gluten-Smart Garden Veggie $24.65
Organic Gluten-Smart Plant-based Deluxe Pepperoni $25.75
Organic Gluten-Smart Beyond Taqueria $25.95
Organic Gluten-Smart Chipotle Chicken $23.85
Organic Gluten-Smart Pesto Chicken $25.95
Organic Gluten-Smart Deluxe Hawaiian $25.20
Organic Gluten-Smart Panago Classic $25.20
Organic Gluten-Smart Tropical Hawaiian $24.10
Organic Gluten-Smart New York Deli $25.20

Panago Sides, Dips and Shakers

Premium Caramel Dip $0.78
Cheezy Cheddar Dip $0.78
Balsamic Vinaigrette Dip $0.78
Cayenne Hot Sauce $3.53
Italian Garlic Dip $0.78
Italian Tomato Dip $0.75
Potato Bites $7.00
Plant-based Cheezy Bread $8.00
Blue Cheese Dip $0.78
Cayenne Hot Sauce Dip $0.75
Sweet Mustard Dip $0.75
Formaggio Shaker $0.75
Sweet Frost Dip $0.75
Italiano Shaker $0.75
Cheezy Formaggio Jar $3.53
Italian Garlic Jar $3.53
Chilli Shaker $0.75
Jalapeño Ranch Jar $3.53
Chipotle Cilantro Dip $0.78
Classic Caesar Dip $0.78
Simple Italian Dip $0.75

Panago Desserts

Mini New York Cheesecake $44.56
Chocolate Chunk Pretzel Cookie $7.68
Sweet Cinnamon Breadstick $4.90

Panago Menu Prices Canada, Panago Pizza Prices Canada

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