Outsunny Pizza Oven

Outsunny Pizza Oven Review, Outsunny Garden Pizza Oven Charcoal

Outsunny Pizza Oven Review

Outsunny Outdoor Garden Pizza Oven Charcoal BBQ Grill 3-Tier Freestanding w/Chimney, Mesh Shelf, Thermometer Handles, Wheels Garden Party Gathering Stainless Steel Cooker

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Create and cook restaurant-quality pizza in the comfort of your own home, thanks to this oven from Outsunny. With two-tiers to allow you to cook food quickly and effectively, it is made into an easy-use design, where a thermometer on the top keeps you aware the heat level to avoid burning, along with a tall chimney which safely extracts the smoke upwards to protect you and others around. Stainless steel forms the shell, making the unit tough and protected against rusting.

  • Stylish and beautiful design you’ll love having in your garden and outdoors
  • Stainless steel body, it is tough, durable and resistant against rust and scratches
  • Three-tier design, top tier for pizza barking, middle tier for charcoaI, bottom tier for ash catcher
  • Handles on over compartment doors, ensures safe and easy opening
  • Two wheels on bottom for easy movement, bottom shelf for storage
  • Maximum weight 10kg bottom shelf, assembly required

Features a cooking compartments to cook food, a charcoal shelf, a bottom shelf for ash catcher, with handles on the doors for easy opening and closing. Bottom shelf for easy and convenient storage. A great way to bring amazing food into your garden parties.

Tough shell, it is heat resistant, rusting and scratch damage – perfect for repeated use outdoors.

Keeps you aware of the temperature inside, preventing you from burning the pizzas whilst they cook. LONG CHIMNEY: Extracts smoke and safely lets it bellow out from the top – ensuring a smoke-free environment every time.

Allows you to move the unit around easily – perfect for storing away when not needed and bringing out with no hassle. DIMENSIONS: 160H x 50L x 36Wcm. Pizza shelves: 30.5L x 30.5W cm. Storage shelf: 41.5L x 37Wcm.


The Pizza Lads Liked it so much we recommended it to a friend who bought one too, so we are round their house most weekends ha ha. The Outsunny is relatively easy to assemble and looks good. The best family and friends evenings and fantastic pizza! And very reasonable price too….

A thumb up from The Pizza Lads

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Outsunny Pizza Oven Review, Outsunny Garden Pizza Oven Charcoal

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